March 2022 Ref Community DAO Reorg Proposal

*Archive of Ref Finance DAO & Ref Community Board texts for context:

Reorg Proposal

  1. Add sunhao.near to the council
  • Marco Sun (sunhao.near) was proposed to be added to the Ref DAO council in the last reorg proposal, however, this action was not executed. The DAO proposes that sunhao.near, as the lead dev at Ref Finance, is added to the council.
  1. Remove inactive members from the community board
  • Basis of evaluation:
  1. Voting history: this with the understanding that voting is cut off after it passes quorum and may not reflect inactivity. However, 0 participation in all historical votes is taken as a sign of inactivity)
  1. Participation in communication channels (primary: Discord & weekly syncs; secondary: Basecamp, governance forum)
  2. Other contributions to Ref Finance (DAO administration, discussions, proposals, community & growth, telegram/discord moderation, outreach, product testing/feedback, etc)

Accounts to remove

  • Isan.near: 1 vote out of 72 in Q4. Absent in communication channels. No other contributions, as far as the DAO is aware.
  • Mob.near: 0 votes out of 72 in Q4. Absent in communication channels. No other contributions, as far as the DAO is aware.
  • Peterflux.near: there are two accounts representing Flux’s partnership with Ref (fluxbux.near and peterflux.near). After discussion with the two members, the DAO proposes that only one account remains in the DAO to strike a balance between Flux’s status as partner/advisor to Ref and the efficient day-to-day work of the community board. With regard to the status of accounts like these, please refer to “4” below.
  1. Add new members to the community board
  • hh00.near (aka Larry Lang): Larry is an active community member and contributor to Ref since November 2021. Based on their continuous activity and valuable contributions to the Ref community, especially with regard to moderation and community engagement on Discord, as well as providing product/testing feedback and insights from the community on product improvement, we propose that Larry be added formally to the DAO.
  • Blockpi.near: Block Pi is the RPC node Ref Finance is using. The DAO proposed to add BlockPi to represent our strategic partnership and look forward to their input on the development of Ref.
  • Zanli.near & Louis.near: Zan Li (community) and Louis Liu (CEO) of Octopus Network. This addition was one of the conditions in the strategic OTC deal with Octopus Network. See the proposal for the details: “ DAO will add a new DAO member from the Octopus team.”
  1. Proposal for new organizational structure within the community board: general community board & core group
  • After discussion among DAO members in the last weekly sync (March 08), we believe a twofold organization structure within the community board may be necessary.
  • The twofold structure: a general community board consisting of all (non-council) community DAO members, and then a smaller subgroup which consists of members that are actively contributing and passing proposals (henceforth “core group”).
  • The motivation for this general board-core group structure comes from the fact that
    (1) the Ref community DAO currently seats 20+ members, which can pose a challenge in efficiently passing votes. With the way Astro DAO works, the voting quorum will be defined by the smaller subgroup, thereby lowering the threshold to pass a proposal, if we are to implement this new structure. Hence, the implementation of a working group within the community board would increase efficiency.
    (2) Many of the members of the current board represent important stakeholders for Ref, such as ecosystem partners (Paras, Flux…), with whom the DAO wants to continue a working relationship. Moreover, these members have proven to provide useful insight and critical support at times, even if they are not active on a regular basis. Some of them often vote and pass proposals from time to time. Therefore, we also want to retain these members in the DAO and also grant them voting rights as before.
    (3) The general board-core group structure will also provide organizational clarity with regard to the payout system and reduce the work needed to evaluate contributions (such as counting voting participation rates etc).
  • Following this, the DAO would like to propose, as part of the reorg, an establishment of a subgroup within the community board. The new structure of the Ref DAO on AstroDAO would look like the following:


Sunhao.near (to be added)

Community Board
Blockpi.near (to be added)
Zanli.near (to be added)
Louis.near (to be added)
Hh00.near (to be added)

Core community group
(This means that on Astrodao, these members below would belong to both “community” & “core group”)



DAO Proposal #154 to add hh00.near (aka Larry Lang) to the Community DAO



isan.near has expressed interest in remaining in the DAO + further contributing. their lack of participation in the weekly syncs were due to time zone differences. we will look forward to isan.near’s contributions in the Ref DAO discord, as well as DAO votes.