Q1 2024 Ref Community DAO Payout & Reorg Proposal

  1. Payout for the DAO Community Board for Q1 2024

We propose the retroactive payout for 2024 Q1 for the community board members of the Ref DAO following this post, as well as the latest amendments in the previous payout and reorg proposal. As a reminder,

Track 1: DAO Duties

  • Compensation: 400 REF/month
  • Excludes full-time Ref core team members sitting on the community DAO.
  • DAO duties include, but are not limited to, regular & timely voting on proposals, participation in the discussions on proposals etc in the DAO chat, feedback and suggestions for Ref, testing before release, participation in the biweekly syncs (unless absence had been notified beforehand).

Track 2: Extra Contributions

  • Compensation: To be determined on a per-case basis.
  • Covers specific labor or material output beyond standard DAO duties such as community moderation or specific marketing activities.


  • The community board is allocated upto 10K REF/month.
  • The Supreme Board, who oversees the DAO administration and operations such as the payouts and hosting the biweekly syncs, compensates its members 400 REF/month.
  • Those trialing for the Ref DAO are compensated 200 REF/month for their time and contributions during the trial period.

TL;DR Q1 2024 Payout for Ref DAO Community Board

Total Payout: 12,000 REF

Note: Upon discussion, the DAO members have decided not to request the allocated 10K REF/month for Q1 but resolve the payout with the funds left over from the previous year.

For a detailed breakdown of each member’s compensation and their voting history, please see Payout Matrix and Voting History

2. Proposal to Remove Members from the Community Board

  • Inactivity: jlw.near, lokpray.near

  • Voluntary resignation: alejandro.near, chrestomanci.near, ctraltf.near

**alejandro.near will be removed in the next quarter for the sake of smooth transition.

3. Proposal to Remove Members from the Council

  • d1.near, awen.near, caoyin.near
  • d1.near and caoyin.near are no longer active
  • awen.near was a placeholder council member during the initial Ref DAO setup and has not been an acting member of the council

4. Add Members to the Council

  • Nicktrust.near: Zero, product manager at Ref
  • Zzbzz.near: Joe, core dev at Ref

5. Rejuvenating the Ref DAO:

With many members leaving the Ref DAO, we are actively looking for new contributors. Recommendations and applications are encouraged through comments or by reaching out to DAO members or the Ref core team. Regular reorganizations ensure that active members are recognized and inactive ones are replaced.

How to Join the DAO?

The Ref Finance DAO welcomes active and committed community members. Contribute via Discord, Telegram, product iteration, feedback, or bug reports. Make yourself known, and during quarterly reorganizations, your recognized value and input will be considered.

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Thank you Rim,

To confirm, I’ve expressed the desire and willingness to step down, but will stay on during the recruitment and handover of new board members to ensure a smooth transition.

Noted with thanks - I have reflected it in the original post!

For Item 4, add another new Council member:

  • wannamakeit.near, Mency, Chief Design at Ref

Hi Fam,

First of all, I would like to participate (for free) in the management of the Discord (like a mod). The channel is too “abandoned” for the level of the project and “poorly controlled”. Much more service could be given to users who want to learn about the project and its functions, especially now that we expect a lot of work from Near.

Second, as an investor I am directly interested in the correct functioning of the project, therefore if you are interested I can make myself available to contribute to the dao.

Thanks and Best Regards