[Approved] Community Board Payout Scheme

Following up on the previous proposal for funding the Community Board DAO, funds have now been transferred and are available on the AstroDAO.

Q4 2021 Payout Schedule - Board Member and amount of REF they are eligible to claim can be found here

How to Claim

For current Board Members who are eligible:

  1. Go to the payout schedule spreadsheet and confirm the amount you are eligible for.
  2. Submit a Payout Proposal on the Community Board Astrodao
  • Submit ONE proposal for all eligible payouts (i.e. Oct, Nov, Dec + Bounty)
  • Description: include all the eligible payouts that you are claiming on the Description field. This will help us cross-check that the correct amount is being requested.
  • Include a link to this governance forum post
  1. Supreme Board (Didier, Rim, and Myself) will approve all proposals.

About Community Board

The board periodically reviews the membership composition, removes inactive members, and adds new members who have proven to be very active within the community, actively creating value for others and able to provide insights and support to the Board and REF Core Team.


@hh00 check this and please propose your payout on astrodao!

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