New Community Board AstroDAO and Q4 Budget Proposal

Hello friends,

I’m excited to announced that the REF Community Board AstroDAO has finally been deployed!

The idea of a Community Board DAO had been discussed and agreed several months ago as a way for Community Board to manage its own internal affairs separate from the main REF DAO, the most important of these being the remuneration of Board Members.

I have manually added all current board members to the new Community Board AstroDAO so there is no further action needed for everyone to start engaging.

Council (Supreme Board)
The salient feature of the Community Board DAO is the creation of two separate groups: the Council (Supreme Board) made up of Didier, Rin, and myself (Alejandro) and the General members group. The Council’s (Supreme Board) is to manage the payments of the remaining board members.

Proposal Budget Q4
I hereby propose that the REF DAO seed the Community Board DAO with 30,000 REF, equivalent to 10,000 REF per month for October, November and December 2021.

This amount per month is in line with what had been discussed and approved several weeks back.

Important - this is just a proposal to seed the Community Board DAO’s treasury. Actual payout proposal’s for each member will be put forward separately and approved according to the criteria and discretion of the Council (Supreme Board). In the event that the monthly allocated budget is not spent, it will carry over to the next month, if more funds are needed this will be reflected in the Community Board funding request for Q1.

Next Steps

  1. REF DAO Council to create the proposal on REF DAO for the Transfer of 30,000 REF to ref-community-board.sputnik-dao.near;
  2. Community members to vote on the proposal;
  3. Each community board member to submit a payout request to the Community Board DAO (pending any further guidance from the Council)

Hey @AVB , I would love to join this team. May I know how to progress !

Hey Monish! This specific board is an additional instrument in the current DAO structure to help facilitate the community funds (community member payout, bounties, partnerships etc). The community board DAO itself, on the other hand, is recruiting through actual active engagement in the community. For instance, our first DAO reorg saw new members such as Sanket, cudam, and Ben, who have all been sourced from the Telegram and Discord channels directly, after they had actively engaged as mods and community members for couple months. I would say the best way is to show yourself in the community and provide value - this is precisely the idea behind the community board of the DAO :slight_smile:


Proposal for the Transfer of 30,000 REF to ref-community-board.sputnik-dao.near

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Hi, how to be a community member ? I would like to join

Refer to the reply from Rim further up in the thread. We review Board membership on na ongoing basis, removing inactive members and proposing to add community members who have been consistently adding value.

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