2022 Q3 Ref DAO Community Board Payout & Reorg Proposal

Please see below for how community DAO contributions are evaluated

  • Based on: (1) self evaluation, (2) voting history, (3) presence in weekly sync & participation, (4) presence and participation in dao discord, the results for Q3 are as follows:
  1. Q3 payout: Ref DAO Community Payout Scheme - Google Sheets
  • A total of 21k ref to 13 distinct dao members for 3 months’ contributions
  1. Reorg proposal
  • Remove inactive members based on voting tally, participation in weekly syncs, participation in discussion on DAO discord, or lack of any other forms of contribution to Ref or the DAO
  • isan.near: no votes, almost no engagement on discord, not present for syncs
  • messagebox.near: not present for syncs, low voting record (made 2 out of 60 votes in Q3), low activity in the dao discord
  • blaze.near: express will to be removed as he does not have the bandwidth for the ref dao due to other responsibilities

[UPDATE] Dec 13, 2022
Based on the conversation at the weekly DAO sync and 1:1 conversations with the below-mentioned DAO members, the DAO has proposed to remove two additional wallets:

  • riqi.near
  • fluxbux.near

In order to further remove inactive members from the DAO and increase the efficiency of the voting process.