[Whitelisting] UniqueOne Network (UNET)

We are pleased to submit our whitelisting application for UniqueOne Network. An official introduction for our project is located here.

1. Token info

(2) Token Symbol:$UNET
(3) Token Logo : Logo_Symbol_Master-blue.svg - Google Drive
(4) Initial Circulation Supply:100 million
(5) Initial Circulation Supply percentage:< 13 Million
(6) Max Supply:100 million
(7) Whitepaper and deck (Links) :
(a) docs.uniqueone.network
(b) drive.google(dot)com/drive/u/1/folders/1vCZEm_7Nt12QMJoYg2CAz289B7Qsg5VD
(8) TGE(Token generate event) TIME: (Estimated If Apply)
Octopus Network to generate $UNET token, currently generated (A) 13,000,000 $UNET for IDO; with (B) 5,000,000 $UNET reserved for $rare,foto,$fans token swaps, (C) team & advisors 13,000,000, (D) foundation 4,000,000, (D) Ecosystem growth 10,000,000, (E) Appchain validators (rewards) at 12,000,000, F) LP Incentives 35,000,000, and (7) LP Pool 2,000,000

(9) Smart contract address (If available):Github(dot)com/Unique-One-Official/uniqueone-appchain/tree/polkadot-v0.9.18-2

(10) Additional issuance beyond the Max Supply:None
(11) Current Trading places:None
(12) Main token use case:UONO marketplace as gas, buy/sell activities, Uniqueone.World Metaverse, DEFI Staking & Vesting
(13) Market making provider: Ref Finance

2. Introduction

(1) Brief introduction about project :

Unique One started as a purely decentralised NFT platform in 2020 enabling artists, collectors, traders to learn, socialise and grow together. The Unique platforms were developed by a team of volunteered community artists, developers, designers, marketers, and project managers with deep involvement and experience in the crypto space.

Unique One has had an incredible year in 2021. From the main-net launch of our flagship NFT Art Marketplace in January 2021, our purely decentralised, community-bootstrapped protocol has stayed agile — growing, flexing, and surfing along with the exploding and volatile NFT market.

Fast forward 2022, we have rebranded to UniqueOne.Network and is currently in the process of launching our Substrate application blockchain - The UoNo NFT Marketplace on the Octopus Network; a multi-chain, interoperable crypto network built on NEAR Protocol , a massively scalable sharded layer 1. The Octopus Relay is a set of smart contracts built on NEAR that controls the security leasing mechanism — and it is this security leasing, or LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake), that sets the Octopus Network apart from other protocols.

(2) Highlights/features:what makes you feel there is demand for the product:

UoNo NFT Marketplace will be the first NFT marketplace on the appchain and will have it’s own utility, allowing users to mint NFT, buy/sell NFT, and auctioning their NFTs on the platform. Apart from it, we will also introduce staking mechanism for the token to be vested overtime wioth attractive yields on DEFI protocols. There’s also usecase for our metaverse by getting the parcel sales on UoNo NFT Marketplace. We will work hand-in-hand with B2B to launch their NFT collection series in the long run.

(3) Which track is the project on?

The project is currently on booting stage on Octopus Network and is ready for launch after IDO.

(4) What’s the project’s market position in its track (vertical industry)?

We have our own team for marketing and have hired some KOLs as well leading to the IDO. We would be shortly announcing our AMA sessions, some of them have been completed and some still on the books. We are positioning ourselves to HOLD the live sessions with some of the industry leaders during the next two weeks. In addition, we are currently in talks with various other teams for possible collabs.

(5) What are your main competitors? (Please provide the analysis of the project difference to the competitors):

Our competitors are Paras & Mintbase on Near Protocol. Both NFT marketplace are identical except Mintbase having the ability to create a digital store minted under the owner’s very own NFT collectibles. Paras, on the other hand are more to categorial based while UniqueOne.Network’s UoNo is interoperable in which we plan to have all our NFTs minted on Ethereum, BSC, xDAI, Polygon - to be united over the appchain.

3. Additional highlight that shows excellency of the project

Partners and Collaborations

Listing on CEX and provide liquidity pairs; grid trading

Listing on DEX and provide liquidity pairs and token rewards

A non-custodial AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX designed for maximum security, liquidity, and efficiency with a friendly UI to make it easy for users to immediately swap assets from one chain to the next.

Provide liquidity pairs on DEX and token rewards

IRL Denver:
Collaborate with artists from Denver in order to help uplift the struggling art community in both the digital and physical space

B.L.A.C. Denver:
The Black Love Art & Crypto show was created in a physical gallery in Denver in honour and celebration of Black History Month.

ETH Denver 2021:
ETHDenver is infamous as the largest Web3 hackathon (#BUIDLathon) in the world for both Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers.

Partnership with CoinTelegraph

Ferum Network: A multi-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi solutions provider, adding deflationary mechanisms, token utility and Web3 technology products to projects across the crypto space

A little pixel art character you can own with blockchain’s proof of ownership

Collaborate with art projects from around the world — in both the digital and physical space with Endgame Association / Cyber Panther Party.

4. Product Roadmap

(Quarterly developments and current stage)
Link : docs.uniqueone.network/introduction/usdunet-the-uniqueone-network-token/roadmap

5. Revenue Streams:

Self-funded by internal team in 2021.

6. Technologies:
Are there technologies or protocols built by the team for this specific project?

Stakenet - a DEFI dAPP protocol build on NEAR , Uniqueone.world - a Metaverse build for the community with NFT items, Parcel & Gamification, in collaboration with Realitychain on BUIDL.

7. About the Team
(1) Founder/CEO introduction and linkedin:

The team is led by CJ and Joseph Teo, who have been in crypto space for a while now. We started as a group of friends with common goal to supporting artists, creators alike. We strive for a community based sustainable economy and eventually plan to handover the decision making to the community council which would be a DAO, fully transparent by the community, for the community.

(2) Core members introductions and linkedin (no more than three members)

Joseph (Chief Operating Officer / Project Analyst) : linkedin(dot)com/in/joseph-t-01a6a33
Francis (Chief Technology Officer) : www.linkedin(dot)com/in/francishor
Jason (Business Development) : linkedin(dot)com/mwlite/in/jason-wong-217a3825

(3)Team location
(eg : Cloud office/Main team Europe /Silicon V California /New York ,US)

Incorporated in Seychelles with global team from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria

Cloud Office, Virtual Workspace - Agile

8. Token Economy
Explain all loyalty incentives (discounts, access), burns, monetary uses, and other associated values of the token.

Network Security:
$UNET will be incentive tokens for Octopus validators who would secure the UNET Appchain. Validators have to stake 5K OCT to spin up a node before they can start validating appchain transactions. By providing a healthy incentive to validators UNET appchain will achieve greater security and decentralisation. For strategic reasons, the project will also spin up nodes for its own appchain.

$UNET or a staked version (tbd) will hold the governance rights over the appchain and its decisions. Holders of such tokens can create or vote on governance proposals that shape and oversee the appchain or Dapps built on top of it. Decisions include but are not limited to voting on future product updates, changing rewards for LPs/Platform Users, onboarding of artists, fee structure of UoNo, election of council members etc.

Metaverse Land Sales:
UniqueOne.World land sales will be done through staking of $UNET in return for land rights and ownership. These land would be forever liquid NFTs and can be exchanged back for $UNET tokens. $UNET tokens will be the metaverse currency and any transaction within the metaverse will be completed only through $UNET tokens. There will be multiple features in metaverse which will be revealed in time which will require $UNET tokens locking, staking and spending.

NFT Market-Place:
$UNET tokens will be utilised for adoption of UoNo - NFT Marketplace with features that will help the creators and users in Octopus and Near Ecosystem to adopt NFT mania. $UNET tokens will be used for :

  1. Platform Fee - $UNET tokens stakers will be able to earn trading fee on NFT marker place. More details of staking for market place will be released soon.

  2. Listing Fee - UniqueOne Listing program requires NFT creators to launch the collection after Staking $UNET tokens. This will ensure legitimate creators to launch collections, $UNET tokens stakers will earn the trading fee along with NFT creators creating a win-win solution for creators, stakers and users alike by creating a buy pressure on the $UNET tokens. There will be detailed description on eligibility criteria’s which will be released closer to UONO launch.

  3. Trading rewards - These trading rewards will make an important distinction in the token economy as we seek to become a forever liquid marketplace for NFTs in the world. Traders will be able to earn $UNET tokens by providing liquidity and trading NFT’s on the platform making it viable for collectors to remain liquid while trading the NFT’s.

9. Token allocation (percentages) and Unlock Method

Token Metrics Percentage Vesting Method
Token Swap - RARE, FOTO and FANS 5% 20% at launch + 36 months vesting
IDO (13%) 13% No vesting for IDO Participants
Team and Advisors 13% 3 year Linear vesting
Foundation 10% Year 4 to Year 6
Ecosystem Growth (Marketplace Adoption) 10% 3 years linear vesting
Appchain Validators 12% 4 years linear vesting
LP Incentives 35% 3 Years linear vesting
LP Pool 2% At Token Listing in LP
Total: 100%

10. Investment Stages
Every Investment stages

Round Percentage Price Valuation Money Raised: Vesting method(schedule) Lead Investors
(2) Current round and progress NA NA NA NA NA NA
(3) All main investor
Who are your current investors? No VC’s, Boot Strapped NA NA NA NA
(4)Partners Octopus, Near , Reality Chain, Myriad NA NA NA NA
Do you have any agreements with companies, exchanges, projects, KOLs, etc. Wolfnaire (KOL) NA NA NA NA

11. IDO/IEO place/date/allocation

Launchpads Date
Skyward FInance End of October
Other IDO Launchpad TBA

12. Links:

Title Links
(1) Official website: uniqueone.network
(2) Telegram: @uniqueonenetwork
(3) Twitter: @/UniqueOne_UO
(4) Medium: @unique-one-network
(5) Discord: discord.gg/ENWRJ4hhBb.
(6) Github(open source): Unique-One-Official
(7) whitepaper and deck(Links) docs.uniqueone.network

13. Marketing
(1) Expect date and Marketing plan / budget to do the Marketing event in the next 3 months

Description Budget/Date
Total Budget Allocated est. USD 70000 upon successful IDO raised
PR Campaigns Dec 22
Editorial features on platform (same month)
Interviews with tech outlets/publications (same month)
Artist / Content creator recruitment drives Jan 23
Influencer/KOL onboarding Jan 23
Partnerships with Octopus Appchains Mar 23
AMA campaign on the NEAR ecosystem May 23
NFT Art Metaversal Exhibition July 23
User acquisition campaigns (mainstream advertising) July 23
Art Exhibition (physical) Dec 23
Crypto event speaking slots (events TBC) TBA

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