[Proposal] Whitelist OTTO

Ottochain is the second EVM L2 on the NEAR , built with COSMOS SDK and only blockchain running on the Octopus Network Octopus 2.0 Interchain Security mechanism.
Ottochain is a community chain and infrastructures are currently been built to ensure that governance goes to the community by their token weight and ensuring full decentralisation.

Currently $OTTO has two pairs

OTTO<>wNEAR with $46,000 Liquidity
OTTO<>OCT with $15,200 Liquidity

There are plans to constantly increase Liquidity and set up new pools over time

We would be holding competition and campaigns over time to ensure Liquidity provision and reward Liquidity providers.


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Hi, Otto:
Could you share yoru token contract id and the ID of 2 swap pools you mentioned?


OTTO Contract Address: 4e807467ba9e3119d5356c5568ef63e9c321b471.factory.bridge.near

Ref Finance OTTO<>OCT

Ref Finance OTTO<>NEAR

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We have provided the necessary info, any update