Global-Whitelist Application Form

Ref.Finance Global Whitelist Applicaton Form

Please provide your application information as decribed below:
Using N/A for not applicable items

1. Token info

(1) Token Name:
(2) Token Symbol:
(3) Token Logo
(4) Initial Circulation Supply:
(5) Initial Circulation Supply percentage:
(6) Max Supply:
(8) TGE(Token generate event) TIME:(Estimated If Apply)
(9) Smart contract address (If available):
(10) Additional issuance beyond the Max Supply:
(11) Current Trading places:
(12) Main token use case:
(13) Market making provider:

2. Introduction

(1) Brief introduction about project (about 200 words)
(2) Highlights/features:what makes you feel there is demand for the product (about 100 words)
(3) Which track is the project on?
(4) What’s the project’s market position in its track (vertical industry)?
(5) What are your main competitors? (Please provide the analysis of the project difference to the competitors)

3. Additional highlight that shows excellency of the project

4. Product Roadmap

(Quarterly developments and current stage)

5. Revenue Streams

6. Technologies:

Are there technologies or protocols built by the team for this specific project?

7. About the Team

(1) Founder/CEO introduction and linkedin

(2) Core members introductions and linkedin (no more than three members)

(3)Team location
(eg : Cloud office/Main team Europe /Silicon V California /New York ,US)

8. Token Economy

Explain all loyalty incentives (discounts, access), burns, monetary uses, and other associated values of the token.

9. Token allocation (percentages) and Unlock Method

Token Metrics Percentage(%) Vesting method
Total: 100%

10. investment stages

(1)Every Investment stages
(Eg:Seed Round xx% : Evaluation:$xxM / Price: $xx / Amount of Tokens: x,xxx,xxx / Money Raised:xxx,xxx/Vesting method: xxxxx / Lead Investors: xxx )

round percen-tage Price Valuation Money Raised: Vesting method(schedule) Lead Investors

(2) Current round and progress

(3) All main investor
Who are your current investors?

Do you have any agreements with companies, exchanges, projects, KOLs, etc.

11. IDO/IEO place/date/allocation

(Eg: POLS/ 13th April / $xxx ; DAO Maker/13th April/ $xxx)

12. Links:

(1) Official website:
(2) Telegram:
(3) Twitter:
(4) Medium:
(5) Discord:
(6) Github(Is it private or open source):
(7) whitepaper and deck(Links)

13. Marketing

(1) Expect date and Marketing plan / budget to do the Marketing event in the next 3 months