[Whitelisting] Nativo Token ($NTV)

1. Project description:

What is token $NTV Token?

$NTV is the Nativo NFT governance token which will allow holders to make decisions about what the future of this NFT Marketplace should be.
This will allow them to:

  • Vote in community polls.
  • Approve distribution of funds from the treasury.
  • Approve updates to the Nativo NFT smart contract.

In a first phase, at the time of the launch of the Nativo DAO, it will be managed by a council made up by the founding team.


  • Maximum Supply: $NTV 100,000,000.
  • Deflationary token
  • Token name: Nativo token
  • Ticker: $NTV
  • Token standard: NEP-141

Distribution of $NTV in the community

In the first phase, Nativo NFT users will be able to receive $NTV rewards every time they buy and/or sell an NFT in the marketplace.

  • Number of $NTV tokens received = Cost in NEAR’s of the NFT * Multiplier

Maximum amount to distribute per month: 100,000.


  • Alan Estrada - Lead Product
  • Cristian Zambrano - Lead Tech
  • Daniel Mora - Blockchain Developer
  • José Canales - Blockchain Developer
  • Daniel Mendez - Frontend Developer
  • Alexia Abrego - Frontend Developer


Categories Allocation Release Schedule
Community 50% Distribution in 2 years
Founding team and developers 20% Lock period: 1 year. Linear release: 2 years.
Private investors 10% Lock period: 1 year, except for other individual agreements. Linear release: 2 years, except for other individual agreements.
Reserved: Future Projects 10% For future expansion projects of Nativo NFT.
IDO 5% Initial Dex Offering, pending to define launch platform.
Advisory group 3% Lock period: 6 months, except for other individual agreements. Linear release: 1 year.
Beta testers and bug hunters 1% People who, with their feedback, have helped to consolidate Nativo NFT as a solid and safe project for the community.
Airdrops 1% For community members in early stages of the project.

2. Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance:

Nativo Locked Period until 21st of November

Until this time you can not transfer the $NTV Tokens in your NEAR Wallet, even for Stake. This is a period to care the integrity of the $NTV Holders. Mean while you can Farm the $NTV Token in the Nativo NFT Marketplace or trough the Nativo DAO in art contests with the community.




Looking for guidance and support from the Ref Finance team (Pair, TVL, Liquidity Incentives, etc.)

3. Token smart contract address:


4. Website and/or App


5. Github repo

6. Any other documents/links

To know more about Nativo NFT Marketplace and the $NTV Token here is all the documentation in Gitbook.

Great job is doing the Nativo.art community running art contest with focused on countries in Latam!

See the listing of NTV tokens to push the Nativo community and gathered artists and collectors around it.