[Whitelisting] Uniqueone Network (UNET)

Project Details

UniqueOne started as a purely decentralised NFT platform in 2020 enabling artists, collectors, traders to learn, socialise and grow together. Our platforms were developed by a team of volunteer community artists, developers, designers, marketers, and project managers with deep involvement and experience in the crypto space.

UniqueOne has had an incredible year in 2021. From the main-net launch of our flagship NFT Art Marketplace in January 2021, our purely decentralised, community-bootstrapped protocol has stayed agile — growing, flexing, and surfing along with the exploding and volatile NFT market.

Existing Marketplace

  1. (Ethereum NFT Marketplace)
  2. (BSC NFT Marketplace)
  3. (Polygon Marketplace)
  4. (Gnosis Marketplace)

We have rebranded as UniqueOne.Network with the vision of being an immersive multi-chain NFT marketplace in the crypto sphere. We shall be launching our Substrate application blockchain (a.k.a. UoNo Marketplace) on the Octopus Network – a multi-chain, interoperable crypto network for launching and running Substrate-based application-specific blockchains, aka appchains built on NEAR protocol.

At the time of this writing, we are finalising mainnet for our flagship DEFI Dapp STAKENET with staking, vesting & locks, and rewards features, on the Near ecosystem. We understand the conundrum of DEFI risks and price fluctuation or any other possible vulnerabilities. With that in mind, we are building a better token vesting mechanism with higher yields on longer vesting periods, thus making the token itself deflationary.

We have partnered with Realitychain* to build UniqueOne’s first Metaverse with immersive marketplace integrations within NEAR. Ecosystem User may secure their Metaverse lands in a flexible and scalable manner via an exciting and innovative staking mechanism for Metaverse land leases. It brings a collaborative work & play culture with avenues to earn tokens where players can participate on quests or even interact with others to buy, rent, sell as they go along exploring the metaverse.

*Realitychain, a multi-chain, multi-engine, Metaverse-as-a-Service protocol, and recent NEAR Metabuidl Hackathon winner

Project Mission Statement

UniqueOne.Network strives to become the leading multichain NFT Marketplace in the crypto-sphere with the initiatives of the marketplace run by the communities such as Artists, Creators, Buyers, Sellers, Traders, Collectors, and Fans. We are an open and decentralised art marketplace platform belonging to the art community alone — not the project founders. NFT Tokenized art endows ownership rights such as:

· The right to own
· The right to sell
· The right to lend
· The right to royalties
· The right to confer reuse

We also have ventured into DEFI and the METAVERSE as well with the first project on NEAR Ecosystem to gauge entropy and improve the undulating issues of volatility. In other words, we strive to rebuild DEFI dAPP and Metaverse with improved experiences and better tokenomics. However,this is a challenge withstanding development costs. We are looking for partnerships with projects that align with our vision moving forward.


Please click here to retrieve the document of Uniqueone Network whitelisting details as requested.


Dear NEAR community,

Octopus community has decided to support Uniqueone to join Octopus Network as an appchain. Please refer to the voting result at https://mainnet.oct.network/appchains/overview/uniqueone-appchain

We, Octopus core team, have worked with Uniqueone team for one year. The journey made us believe that Uniqueone is a promising protocol that has the potential to boost a flourishing NFT economy inside NEAR ecosystem, and further diversify the options that creators can leverage. The team behind Uniqueone is self-devoting while very capable. They have been in the crypto space for many years and are well connected with the circle, especially SE Asia crypto communities.

Since Octopus is a part of NEAR infrastructure, the voting also means a warm hug from NEAR community to Uniqueone Network. Let’s welcome this great project together :clap:


Founder of Octopus Network


Congrats on this remarkable feat guys, I only knew unique One as a competent market place. Seeing this made me believe y’all are working tirelessly. I hope you get whitelisted. Congrats in advance :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Wow, that’s amazing, Louis,
It’s great to have UniqueOne on the Oct network and Near infrastructure.

I joined UniqueOne in 2020 and was the first photographer of the 20 who tested UniqueOne.Photo Marketplace and coined our photos.
amazing, since then, I have been following the development, and that of UON, the affection and professionalism of the team, the excellent work they have done, it is with great enthusiasm that I await the arrival of $UNET, and everything else here it comes.

I have to point out and quote
Be part of a truly decentralized non-profit platform owned and managed by the Digital Arts community, bringing together Artists, Creators, and Collectors as One.

This motto of UON is undoubtedly 100% real, with great affection that I am part of the community, and help, as well as others who follow the passion for UON.

I really hope that Oct Network, and Near, help us to grow, and we can become one of the main, if not the main platform, in this new world of NFT and Block-Chain.

I wish you a big thank you
and congratulations to the whole team on this new path that we are going to enter.

I’m UniqueOne :smile:

From Portugal with Love
Pedro Venancio


Uniqueone.Network is a community-oriented protocol that enables artists, collectors, and traders to learn, socialize and grow together. Interact with our quest below and win $UNET & $OCT. Best of luck

check - gov.near.org


Yes Dabbie, yes yes, we gonna be on top,

When a team dedicates itself to a project like this, and with the support of its community, we are all strong together, and I really have to thank everyone who has done, embracing this project with body and soul…


We live in difficult times, for everyone, and the sacrifice and passion of the team are extraordinary…



From Portugal


This is beautiful… you guys are really doing an amazing job. I think uniqueone much better than what I actually thought. Congratulations in advance :tada: cheers :clinking_glasses: