[Whitelisting] STRW Token - Burrito Battle

1.Project description:

The $STRW Token is the token used in the Burrito Battle video game, which is necessary and you use it to perform different operations within the game, for example mint a new burrito, evolve to a burrito or restore their lives.

$STRW token - Utility token

The Straw Token ($STRW) is a utility token generated as the result for playing in burrito battle, its uses cases are mainly considered in increase your play journey, such as affecting burrito’s stats and conditions.

$STRW - Technical specifications

  • Max supply: Unlimited.
  • Token name: Straw Token
  • Ticker: $STRW
  • Token standar: NEP-141 (NEAR Protocol)

$STRW - Distribution

Each time a player wins a battle in Burrito Battle he wins a quantity of $STRW tokens, depending on the level of burrito you defeat is the amount of $STRW you get.


  • Alan Estrada - Lead Product
  • Cristian Zambrano - Lead Tech
  • Yair Nava - Blockchain Developer
  • Jesus Robles - Phaser Developer
  • Ulises Quiroz - Graphic Designer

2. Project liquidity plan:

The project is still in beta testing.

3. Token smart contract address:


4. Website and/or App:


5. Github repo:

6. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application

This is the link to the Gitbook documentation to learn more about the Burrito Batte project.