[Whitelisting] 0xMonero

  1. Project description (value, functionality, utility, team, tokenomics, etc.)
    0xMonero is a privacy focused token project that exists on nine different L1 and L2s. 0xMR token exists as a means of paying for mixing and bridging services when using 0xTIP. 0xMR is also accepted as a currency on three casinos including NEAR.casino. The team is anonymous but they have a public developer discord with a NEAR specific developer channel- t. co/5YdrYTsHZv. The project was fairly launched via a mining contract on Ethereum. There was no ICO, there are no team tokens, and there was no VC funding; all development for 0xMR is done for free for the community as a public service.

  2. Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance (Pair, TVL, Liquidity Incentives, etc.)
    A NEAR/0xMR liquidity pool will be created. The project is also interested in opening a farm in the future.

  3. Token smart contract address


As you can see this contract is bridged from Ethereum. The token has no logo and the decimals are incorrect. Any advice on how to update these would be appreciated.

  1. Website and/or App

  2. Github repo
    Not public

  3. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application (Coingecko token page, CMC, etc.)
    0xMonero Price in USD: 0XMR Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko
    0xMR is traded on approximately six chains but only Uniswap V2 is tracked. 0xMR has a total and circulating supply of 1.865 million tokens across all chains.

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The token has no logo and the decimals are incorrect. Any advice on how to update these would be appreciated.

Rainbow bridge is operated by Aurora. They have a GitHub repository for token metadata, you should submit a PR to add your token.


Is the project able to add a minimum of liquidity? We would usually want at least $50,000 to ensure that the pool is functional (ideally $100k). This requirement may change depending on the project.

Overall I am happy to welcome new projects to the NEAR ecosystem and to REF.

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That’s not going to happen anytime soon as there was no ICO or VC and no team tokens. It was a fair launch just like BTC and RVN.

0xMR is bridged twice, first from ETH to NEAR (which does not have a logo and shows too many decimals). The other one is by multichain xyz from Ethereum to Aurora, which I believe is okay.

Since you bridged from Ethereum to Near using the rainbow bridge, and from Ethereum to Aurora using multichain, does this mean that the Aurora version can’t be transferred to Near, and visa versa?

The factory.bridge.near contract is managed by the Aurora team, which is the reason why chluff said you need to create a pull request to update the metadata for your near token.