[Whitelisting] NEARton

  1. Project Description:
  • NEARton is DeFi strategy game based on NFT Staking and a beautiful gallery for your assets. Stake, earn $NEXP, and more. NEARton allows to stake NFTs from multiple well know NFTs collections on NEAR.

  • $NEXP is the utility and loyalty token dedicated to NFT enthusiasts on NEAR Protocol.
    NEXP utility:
    In-town usage: buy/mint NFTs using $NEXP, house upgrades, tickets for raffles, etc.
    Gaming: Mini-games from partners using $NEXP. Example: RoPaSci game.

  • Already 6,000+ NFTs staked in our protocol.

  • Team: Co-founded by Alex Brik (Tech Lead) & Anastasiia Malinska (Artist); two software engineers, designer, and community managers.

  • Litepaper

  1. Project Liquidity Plan:
    We already have created the pool with NEXP <> wNEAR pair (app.ref.finance/pool/3432)
    Initial liquidity was 10,000 wNEAR and 500,000 NEXP.
    We will slowly increase it depending on project needs. Also, we want to open a farm in the future.

  2. Token smart contract address: nexp.near

  3. Website: https://nearton.org/

  4. Github repo is currently private.

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