[whitelisting] NEKO

  1. Project description:

NEKO was born in early 2022 as the first meme coin on NEAR Protocol; filling a key role in the ecosystem. Meme coins are extremely effective at onboarding new users into crypto and this momentum will help bring mass adoption to NEAR Protocol. NEKO unites the NEAR ecosystem under a meme-powered force that the entire community can rally behind!

Going beyond the memes, NEKO token powers the creator economy on NEAR Protocol. Professional content creators are rewarded in NEKO to make educational content about the NEAR ecosystem. NEKO introduced the Learn to Earn movement that rewards our audience for engaging with NEKO content.

NEKO is the first on NEAR Protocol to implement a small tax on transactions! The NEKO tax is programmed in the token metadata. NEKO holders benefit from substantial ecosystem rewards including farming, learn-to-earn, content creation and more. The tax on NEKO when sold balances these inflationary rewards to facilitate a sustainable environment that NEKO can flourish in.

The NEKO tax begins as a tiny 5% fee. The tax fee percentage declines overtime in relation to the reduction of NEKO emissions per the Emissions Schedule. When emissions are complete the NEKO tax rate will be zero. Traditional tokenomics models are often missing a fundamental economic component; balance. The NEKO tax reduces the inflationary burden by burning tokens and using existing supply to reward emissions the community!

The tax directly benefits NEKO holders in two ways: rewards and deflationary burning. 2.5% (half) of the NEKO tax is burned; creating a highly deflationary mechanic that reduces token supply. The remaining 2.5% NEKO tax is deposited into the Fortune Factory where it is rewarded to staked Fortune Cookies (COOKIE).

NOTE: NEKO will list on Ref with the tax rate starting at 0 until the required FE upgrades are incorporated to Ref, to enable easy trading using a token with a tax component. We are also reviewing the NEKO Token Code with NEAR Core Developers to ensure the Tax Token contract is best practice for NEP standards.

  1. Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance (Pair, TVL, Liquidity Incentives, etc.):

TVL: $60,000 USD
Liquidity Incentives:
30% (3 Billion) NEKO Supply allocated for liquidity incentives over 4 years.

  • Year 1: 10% Supply, 83,333,333 NEKO / month
  • Month 1: 100MM NEKO / Month
  • Month 2-12: 80MM NEKO / Month
  • Year 2: 8% Supply, 66,666,6667 NEKO / month
  • Year 3: 7% Supply, 58,333,333 NEKO / month
  • Year 4: 5% Supply, 41,666,667 NEKO / month
  1. Token smart contract address: ftv2.nekotoken.near
  2. Neko Website
  3. NEKO Github repo
  4. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application: