Whitelisting Slush for Ref finance

Ref Finance
[Whitelisting] Slush Token


Gm, this is Slush, a true community token

Project description: A memecoin originally launched by Blaze. When the creator of the coin did not show interest in growing the meme we decided to make it into a community driven memetoken. We asked the originator to burn the LP tokens.( see tweet for the hasshes for the lp burn)

After that we ran with it, and try to have some fun with it. We are using self bought funds to do some marketing and create a community around Slush. There is no hidden team allocation and no chance to print more since the lp token is burned.

Ref Finance has around $20K TVL split between the wnear and neko lp. We added some liquidity the last weeks to make the coin more stable.
CA – slush.tkn.near
Website is being build
No github yet
Other links: https://twitter.com/slushonnear, Telegram: Contact @slushon


I support this proposal for whitelisting. The community-organized team has done a good job of marketing and creating a fund from community donations.

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Some additional info.

Dao wallet: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?tab=proposals&daoId=slush.sputnik-dao.near&page=dao
All dao funds have been donated by the awesome Slush community.




In the mean time we made joined liquidity pools with wojak, bean and nkok.

And a lot of collabs are coming soon.