Whitelist $BEAN

Hi Ref Finance,

Please see below my proposal for Whitelisting $BEAN.

$BEAN is a new memetoken on the Near Blockchain that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Token Name: $BEAN
Token Type: Memecoin
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Contract Address: bean.tkn.near
Website/GitBook: $BEANtroduction - $BEAN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beanonnear
Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @beanonnear
Dexscreener Chart: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4473
LP - Added by beanlabs-lp.near: Ref Finance

$BEAN can already be purchased through the Dragonbot on Telegram.

Latest Activities:

  • Sent Potlock a 400 Billion allocation to distribute to donators of public goods.
  • Partnership with Moonshot allowing our token to be used on their gaming platform.

We are continuing to expand the tokens reach and utility through various partnerships and projects of the NEAR Ecosystem and supporting where possible.

Hi, quick question we often ask projects: are there any immediate plans to increase liquidity?

$BEAN only has 11k liquidity on the dexscreener link you provided, which is quite worrying

Hey achildhoodhero,

Thanks for the reply!

There are plans to increase liquidity in the future. This is paired with Neko so LP will also increase on Neko rising.

$BEAN is currently sitting at $12.4k LP

Looking at some of the already whitelisted tokens that are tradeable on Ref Finance we have more liquidity than some.

For reference:
LOL Memcoin/wNear that was recently whitelisted - $9.3k
Cheddar/wNear - $8.6k
Banana - $188
Cucumber - $7
Potato - $116
Fusotao / TAO - $260
Pixeltoken/marmaj - $5.9k

Thank you