[Whitelisting] INTEAR ($INTEL)

Gm, this is nvidia’s competitor, Intel HD graphics.

  1. Project description: A GPU vendor coin that has buybacks from ShillGPU (ShillGPU by slimedragon.near | Near Social) fees, created by slimedragon.near, transferred 100% of supply to LP when launched
  2. Ref Finance has $25K TVL. There are no immediate plans to increase liquidity, but 600+% APR (even without farming) could attract more LP + we have a $1000 budget for an incentives program if liquidity doesn’t go above $50k in the next few days
  3. CA - intel.tkn.near
  4. No website yet
  5. No github yet
  6. Other links: https://twitter.com/intelnear, Telegram: Contact @intelnear

And if you’re going to whitelist RadeoNEAR at the same time, please whitelist us a few seconds earlier, it will make an impact. Thanks!


Update - now we have a website https://intear.tech/

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Hello Slime,

Thanks for applying to whitelisting. A couple of thoughts;

In general, I am not opposed to the whitelisting of $INTEL. I believe a thriving memecoin layer is healthy for the overall ecosystem (onboard newbies, give people something fun to do while we build more ambitious stuff, and even drive innovation and composability across projects).

However, I do have questions as to what the meaning or role of ‘whitelisting’ things on REF is. Namely, it seems like a somewhat outdated concept that by definition it is meant to keep memecoins out (most memecoins are shit and rug pulls - since your original post, Radeon already rug pulled).

I propose creating a secondary whitelist, a ‘memelist’, that would allow us to give visibility to memecoins while explicitly stating that the REF team does not and can not vouch for the quality or integrity of the project. I’ll follow up on this idea internally with the team, but would like your feedback.

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I don’t know what the original meaning of whitelisting was, but for me, it was only about separating real tokens from fake tokens that pretend to be real. For example, if lonk or shitzu weren’t whitelisted, people could find lonk.tkn.near or shitzu.tkn.near somewhere (these tokens actually exist) and buy a fake token. Uniswap, pancakeswap, raydium, and almost all other DEXes have memecoins whitelisted. Usually, people find memecoins on dexscreener or social media, and go to a DEX with a goal of buying this specific token, in which case whitelisting is just removing an extra step, and potentially, removing an extra point of failure (buying a fake token). I’m not opposed to creating a ‘memelist’, as long as it doesn’t involve extra steps or more submenus. For example, a small icon near the token logo, indicating that a token is a meme, would both show that REF can’t vouch for this token, and it’s in the same menu, takes the same number of clicks to buy. But this feature would also imply that REF has verified the quality of all non-meme projects and can vouch that they won’t rug, which I believe is also not ideal.



I have been assisting with the project for the past few weeks given its potential.

Since the original post by the founder, @slime, there has been the following progress made with regards to the Intear project.

  1. Project description:

it will be an entire tech stack for memecoins, that includes:

  • Buybot for groups
  • Pricebot for groups
  • LP locking contract for devs
  • LP locked/burned checker for users
  • Raidbot for groups
  • Blockchain analysis bot for users in DM

DM notifications bot will be available with a limited free tier, and a paid monthly plan.

NEAR will be used for payments, and it will go towards the buyback of $INTEL

Group bots (buybot, pricebot, raidbot) are available for free for any project of any scale, right now the goal is to get this bot in as much groups as possible and spread awareness on INTEAR using the name and logo of the bot. When a memecoin season comes to NEAR, with new memecoins created every minute like on Solana, the bot will be free for small projects, but will become more expensive as the project grows. For example, 100K+ market cap = $100/month, 1M+ market cap = $500/month.

  1. Current TVL on Ref Finance of $Intel is ~70k with a MC of 278k at time of writing. 85% of the LP has been locked for 6 months - LockLP by slimedragon.near | Near Social

  2. A Github has been created - INTEAR · GitHub

  3. ~300 followers on X,
    ~300 in Telegram

  4. Creation of IntearBot ‘Intelligence’ which features include: wallet tracking, swap alerts, Potluck donation alerts, new tkn. farm creation & LP alerts, Notifications for $MOON and $HOT

  5. Partnerships with Slushie, Chads, Shitzu - in talks with other projects such as Lonk, Touched

  6. Creation of @intear.sputnik-dao.near on BOS

Future plans include: New token is whitelisted on Ref (WIP)
:green_circle: A lot of LP added/removed (when a token rugs, you can be the first to sell and decrease losses) (WIP)
:green_circle: New mintbase drops (WIP)
:green_circle: Track some NFT collection transfers/buys (WIP)
:green_circle: Custom smart contract notifications for developers (WIP)

It is very important that we receive Ref whitelist in order to make it easier for new users to search and find the token. This will allow us to continue to expand operations and collab with some of the biggest projects on Near.

If any further clarifications are needed please reach out to myself or @slime

We look forward to your response