[Whitelisting] $TOUCHED


Proposal to whitelist $TOUCHED Coin - touched.tkn.near

The birth of the meme coin with the legendary touch between Illia and Jensen Huang. Pushing the latest news of AI & Blockchain, and more “touches” on NEAR.

Token Name: $TOUCHED
Token Type: memecoin
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Contract Address: touched.tkn.near
Website/GitBook: : NA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/neartouched
Dexscreener Chart: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4771
LP: [TOUCHED -NEAR ] (Ref Finance) - $320K

Current activities:
We’ve burnt 100% of our LP Tokens to ensure decentralization and liquidity of $TOUCHED. We will also set up airdrop campaigns for the NEAR community and plan more collabs with other meme tokens or projects on NEAR like NEAT and LONK etc.

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I support whitelisting $TOUCHED

Memecoins inject life into the ecosystem and $TOUCHED has captured a special moment in time and has ongoing meme potential by encouraging community to come closer together #touched

Most importantly, we did see multiple projects popping up w. the similar names and trying to capitalise on the meme. Worst, one of them was an actual rug pull that withdrew all liquidity and burned a lot of people.

Whitelisting in this case due to:

  • deep liquidity
  • LP burned @Touched can you pls provide the explorer link with tx that burns the LP?
  • good meme w. traction