[Proposal] Whitelist $LONK

Proposal to add $LONK to the REF Whitelist.

LONK is a community project and memecoin that launched on December 26 and rapidly became the #1 pool by volume on REF for the day.

The LONK-NEAR pool currently has $175k worth of liquidity and the LP keys have been burnt (liquidity can’t be withdrawn).

Whitelisting this project would be a boost for this community, injecting much needed vitality into the NEAR ecosystem, and increasing tx volumes and fee revenue for REF over time.

Other information about project:

Contract: token.lonkingnearbackto2024.near
Website: http://lonk.meme
Community Telegram: http://t.me/LonkonNEAR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lonkonnear
Dexscreener: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4314

Link to DAO proposal to Whitelist: https://near.org/frichard5.near/widget/SputnikBOS.Home?tab=proposals&selected_dao=ref-finance.sputnik-dao.near

Note - I am not related to the LONK team. This proposal is being done in my capacity as REF Community Board seeking to keep REF relevant and move fast with community trends.

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