Whitelisting Procedure

If you are a project representative or a community member and would like to have your project’s token whitelisted on Ref Finance, please, post on our forum the following information:

Title : [Whitelisting] Project Name

  1. Project description (value, functionality, utility, team, tokenomics, etc.)

  2. Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance (Pair, TVL, Liquidity Incentives, etc.)

  3. Token smart contract address

  4. Website and/or App

  5. Github repo

  6. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application (Coingecko token page, CMC, etc.)

Please note that Ref Finance:

  1. does not require a minimum liquidity BUT strongly encourage an initial TVL over $100,000

  2. reserves the right to DELIST at any time if the information provided is not anymore relevant / accurate, at its sole discretion, and without notice.


Title: Few and Far

  1. Project Description: Few and Far is a one-stop destination for NFTs and DeFi on NEAR Protocol. Few and Far is a community-driven platform. We work hard to be responsive, help those around us, and in service to the best collections on NEAR Protocol and beyond. Co-Founded by DrifTTer (Head of Design), Edge (Head of Ops) and Chris Hayes (CTO), the project aims to bring the wonders of DeFi to NEAR Protocol while integrating with best-in-class marketplace functionality within the ecosystem.

  2. Project Liquidity Plan: Our project will offer a NEAR-FAR LP Pairing on Ref Finance as a farming pool. Liquidity will be provided through our token contract address as well as a designated pool of liquidity management within our tokenomics. Please check out our whitepaper to learn more! https://docs.fewandfar.xyz/

  3. Token smart contract address: far.tokens.fewandfar.near

  4. Website: https://fewandfar.xyz/

  5. Github repo is currently private.

  6. n/a

Title : [Whitelisting] Fusotao Protocol

  1. Project description : Fusotao Protocol is a verification protocol for orderbook-based matching system using the paradigm of “execute off-chain, verify on-chain”. Fusotao network is an Octopus Network based application chain to hold users’ assets and verify the matching transactions from off-chain exchange services. Founders can build their own DEXs by using the Fusotao appchain as an on-chain verifier and deploying their own off-chain matching server. Communities can earn rewards by trading on the DEXs or directly staking tokens for the DEXs backed by Fusotao Protocol to share transaction fees from them.
    Tokenocmics: The total amount of TAO tokens is 100 million. 63% of TAO tokens will be allocated to community members including trading rewards (Proof-of-Trading,48% of the total token supply), validator rewards (Proof-of-Validator,7.5% of the total token supply), TAO staking rewards (Proof-of-Staking, 7.5% of the total token supply).
    Among the rest 37% of total token supply, 8% will be distributed to the FusotaoTeam,
    12.5% to the Investors, 2.5% to the public sale, 4% to the Initial Liquidity, 1% to the Testnet Rewards, 3% to Ecosystem Developers and Marketing, 6% to Fusotao Foundation. Check the Fusotao Economy Whitepaper to learn the vesting schedules.

  2. Project liquidity plan: We will provide $500,000 as the initial TVL (liquidity) to Ref DEX, including $TAO and $USDT, we will offer a TAO-USDT LP Pairing on Ref Finance as a farming pool.

  3. Token smart contract address: we have two contracts:
    NEAR blockchain,smart contract address: fusotao-token.near
    Aurora blockchain, smart contract address: 0x7538162f05bec5084a92a5f47c2a094fcf73e372

  4. Website and/or App: https://www.fusotao.org

  1. Github repo: GitHub - uinb/fusotao: Fusotao Protocol over substrate & octopus
  2. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application (Coingecko token page, CMC, etc.)
    CMC token page: Fusotao Protocol price today, TAO to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Thanks so much! [Whitelisting] 0xMonero