New Whitelisting Procedure

Reviewed with Community Board Members

1. Problem

Today’s procedure and proposal seem too long (Global-Whitelist Application Form). On the 16th of September, Evgeny K. suggested that we simplify the form and get inspiration from other DEXes, specifically looking at 1Inch.

2. Proposal

If you are a project representative or a community member and would like to have your project’s token whitelisted on Ref Finance, please, take the following steps:

***Please note, we require a minimum liquidity of $100,000 with NEAR, either being Token/NEAR or NEAR/Token pair

  • Send us the token’s smart contract address (Blocker: for Ethereum blockchain, the project must be listed either on or on
  • Send us a brief description of the token (value, functionality, usability, team, tokenomics, etc.)
  • Send us the token’s logo on a transparent background 256x256 in .png OR any size in .svg.
  • Please send all the required information to the following email address: (with the title TOKEN LISTING REQUEST)

Please note that Ref Finance reserves the right to DELIST at any time if the information provided is not anymore relevant / accurate, at its sole discretion, and without notice.


Please, also do provide information about the code relating to the smart contract(s). Any link(s), and/or reference(s) to the smart contract code is a plus for the application.

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To be archived - Please refer to Whitelisting Procedure