[Whitelisting] Discovol

1.Project description:

Discovol is a novel decentralized platform for distributing high-quality content vetted by global curators. It is designed to give users access to reliable content and enable curators to build their reputation and social influence. Discovol aims to break content algorithm hegemony by unleashing individual curator’s energy.

Functionality: a high-quality content resource sharing and recommendation system facilitated by a global curator base; a seamless UI with a one-stop curation display and distribution system; curator metrics and crowdsourcing systems; mini DAOs for curators to establish self-organized collaborations around any focus, such as niches, languages, industries, etc.

Team: we are a global team composed of internet entrepreneurs, developers, and experts on crypto economy.

Tokenomics: $DISC is the native token of Discovol. It represents the right to use the infrastructure, public resources and services of Discovol platform. It also works as a contribution incentive, a store of value and a medium of exchange in the ecosystem. The total supply of $DISC is 1 billion: 90% is pre-mined, 10% (20 million per year) for 5-year validator reward. 30% of pre-mined $DISC will be allocated to core team and early investors. 60% of pre-mined $DISC will be allocated to Discovol Treasury and used for the platform development and maintenance, community operation, and marketing promotion.

Read Whitepaper for project details on Discovol official website (see below).

  1. Project liquidity plan:

We will provide $100,000 liquidity to Ref DEX, with wNear-DISC pair.

  1. Token smart contract address:


  1. Website and/or App:
  1. Github repo:
  1. Any other documents / links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application


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Discovol is an appchain protocol that has been accepted by the Octopus Network community by on-chain voting. Octopus Network . So I highly recommend Ref Finance community support Discovol too.