[Whitelisting] Edge Video - FAST Token

Project Description

Edge Video is transforming the streaming industry by integrating real-time proprietary AI and crypto incentives to create an interactive and engaging experience. The platform overlays QR codes on existing content, allowing for instant shopping, gaming, and viewer engagement. Edge Video’s ecosystem leverages the FAST Token to reward users and enhance the monetization of streaming channels through gamified and immersive experiences. The team includes experts in AI, blockchain, and media, dedicated to revolutionizing digital entertainment. Tokenomics include various stages of investment, ensuring a well-structured distribution and allocation of the FAST Token to foster sustainable growth and engagement.

Project Liquidity Plan on Ref Finance

TVL: Targeted Total Value Locked (TVL) of $250K within the first 6 months
Liquidity Incentives: Rewards for playing games, training the AI, making purchases on the Shoppable TV platform.

Token Smart Contract Address

Website and/or App
Website:** Edge Video

Github Repo

The code for the NEAR contract is in EdgeFASTToken/near/lib.rs at main · EdgeCTO/EdgeFASTToken · GitHub

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