[Farm] Revised Incentives proposal - NearX<>Near (December'22)

Stader’s Near<>NearX pool was launched on 04-10-2022. We have currently $2.3Mn in TVL, which is the deepest liquidity for a liquid staking token on REF.

We would like to request that the incentives for the Near-NearX farm be revised to be in line with other liquid staking tokens.

We propose the following token emission from REF & Stader

Pair : NearX<>wNear

Type : Dual Rewards

SD : 10150/ week

REF : 4889 / week


After some internal discussion, we will be able to do 3500/week (effectively 1.5x) for least 2 weeks starting April 16 in preparation for the Shanghai upgrade marketing campaign. If volume increase, we can consider extending/increasing the ref reward. Thanks

I have to consider for other stablepools as well as i previously mentioned. Also, i do agree that NEARx-NEAR has one of the biggest TVL, but trading volume also matters. Other stablepools have comparable (if not higher) daily trading volume which is the main revenue driver for Ref.

It’s great to see TVL increase for a pool, but if no one is trading on it, slippage might not even be a concern!

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