[Proposal] Grant allocation for AwesomeNEAR <> Ref partnership milestones


Proposal to approve a grant of USD 100,000 for AwesomeNEAR to achieve development milestones detailed below, the outcome of which will offer authentic all-round information on listed projects/tokens to the Ref community while interfacing with https://app.ref.finance/


As an ecosystem dashboard, AwesomeNEAR curates trending projects within the NEAR ecosystem, providing NEAR community with essential information including project profiles, stats of launched tokens, on-chain data, ecosystem news, etc. to navigate and contextualize this fast growing ecosystem with more ease and clarity.
We take pride in supporting the NEAR ecosystem projects in development, networking, marketing/PR etc., where we aim to deliver individualized service through tailor-made milestones.

AwesomeNEAR <> Ref Finance key milestones:

Stage A - March/April 2022

  • To add the following items on key project pages (see Appendix) - Completed
  1. Token stats incl. Price, ATH/ATL, Market Cap, TVL, etc.
  2. Fungible Token Contract on NEAR chain
  3. Link to Ref Finance APP to BUY/SWAP
  4. Quick access to project whitepaper
  5. Recent news/articles widget
  6. Official Twitter widget
  • To add a section on AwesomeNEAR’s homepage exclusive to projects associated with Ref, eg. Aurora Ecosystem - In progress

Stage B - Q2 2022 - In progress

  • To add TVL data rendering in key project pages
  • To link to Farming and Lending on key project pages
  • To add project ranking by APY (with links to Ref) on AwesomeNEAR’s Projects Ranking page

Stage C - Q3 2022 to 2023

  • To further facilitate the Ref community in building and managing their NEAR DeFi portfolio via account dashboard, customized asset tools and aggregators, etc. on AwesomeNEAR

Other goals throughout:

  • To ensure frontend & data maintenance for all the features mentioned above
  • To consistently amplify Ref’s major updates on AwesomeNEAR

Appendix: Ref Finance Pools - NEAR Native Token List