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Project Description

SeatlabNFT is a revolutionary event ticketing platform that aims to eliminate fraud, significantly reduce ticket scalping and dramatically increase the immersive audience experience for the live event industry.

We provide the tools for artists to create real value from fan relationships and reward fans for event attendance and loyalty.
We also enable unparalleled secondary market control, adding multiple new revenue streams,
all whilst outing touts, scalpers and fraudsters.

The use of smart contracts enables predefined royalty splits, meaning when a ticket is minted, artists and event creators can choose where a percentage of the revenue from any secondary sales is directed, reducing the impact of ticket scalping and putting secondary revenue in the pockets of artists and event organisers. Price ceilings can be set to prevent scalpers from selling tickets above a certain price on the secondary market, and certain ticket types can be marked as non-transferable or non-resellable to stop them from ever being resold.

Artists and organisers can identify and reward fans and ticket holders by airdropping them exclusive perks such as VIP experiences, collectable NFTs, merchandise, future access passes, and more. These airdrops can happen before, during or after the event to maximise engagement at key moments.

We are building the next generation of event ticketing, on the NEAR blockchain.

$SEAT Token Utility

Buyers Fee Reduction for $SEAT Holders

By default, buyers pay a 5% fee when purchasing NFT assets on our marketplace. Holders of $SEAT benefit from a reduced buyers fee, which scales with the number of $SEAT tokens they hold. The buyer’s fee is split 50/50. 50% of the revenue is paid out as rewards to those who stake their $SEAT tokens, the remainder goes to the SeatlabNFT Treasury. To ensure this discount does not impact $SEAT staking payouts (more on this below), any reduction in the buyer’s fee is taken from the treasury split of the buyer’s fee revenue. This means that staking rewards are fully protected.


Staking on SeatlabNFT is entirely optional but available to anybody holding our token. As with the other benefits that come with holding $SEAT, staking payouts scale to reward a larger investment. By playing an active role in SeatlabNFT via staking, users will receive a portion of the revenue generated from the 5% buyers fee charged on all purchases. Half of all collected buyers fees are always paid out to stakers. The revenue the user receives depends on the number of $SEAT tokens they stake.

Rewards Centre

On top of the benefits listed above, holders of $SEAT will also have access to an exclusive Rewards Centre.

Simply by holding our token in a wallet connected to SeatlabNFT, users will accrue points, redeemable via the Rewards Centre. The Rewards Centre is easily accessible through the user dashboard and gives $SEAT holders access to a variety of exclusive perks.

There are three different types of points that you can earn: Sapphire, Gold and Holographic. The type of points you’ll earn are based on the number of $SEAT tokens you hold in your wallet; Holographic is the top tier, Gold is the middle tier and Sapphire is the base tier. Every 30 days you hold a certain number of $SEAT tokens, you will earn one of these points that can be used to redeem a reward from the corresponding rewards pool in the Rewards Centre.

For example, if a user holds the number of tokens corresponding to the middle tier (Gold) for 60 days, they will have accrued two points to redeem in the Gold rewards section.


$SEAT MAX SUPPLY: 845,000,000

Airdrops: 8,450,000 (1%) — Daily unlock for 12 months
Founders: 84,500,000 (10%) — 1.25Y Lock, Daily Unlock for 36 months
Team: 84,500,000 (10%) — 1Y Lock, Daily Vesting for 30 months
Treasury: 80,275,000 (9.5%) — 3M Lock, Daily Unlock for 12 months
Presale Investors: 109,850,000 (13%) — Daily Unlock for 12 months
Seed Round: 50,700,000 (6%) — Daily Unlock for 18 months
IDO: 4,225,000 (0.5%) — Daily Unlock for 3 months (50% on Skyward)
Strategic Partnerships: 50,700,000 (6%) — 6M Lock, Daily Vesting for 15 months
Advisors & Marketing: 76,050,000 (9%) — 9M Lock, Daily Vesting for 12 months
Community & Ecosystem: 295,750,000 (35%) — Daily Unlock for 60 months


  • Ryan Kenny - Co-founder & CEO
  • Jack Waterfield - Co-founder and Creative Director
  • Ryan Tyrrell - Technical Director
  • Daryl Browne - Head of Frontend (Ex Audi & HSBC Bank)
  • Evgeni - Lead Rust backend engineer (Ex Kraken)
  • Filipe - Senior Rust engineer (Edge & Node)
  • Pasquale Palena - React Native Specialist
  • Chloe Rees - Product Owner
  • Joe Hassett - Marketing Manager
  • Charlie Gardiner - SEO & Content Manager
  • Joe Price - Head of New Business
  • Tim Bishop - Content Writer
  • Erin Tomlin - Executive administrator
  • Jack Guarino - Finance (UK Government)
  • Sebastian Gerske (Keyko Contractor)
  • Thiago Machado (Keyko Contractor)
    & growing all the time!

Project liquidity plan
We intend to create a well-capitalised pair in Ref.finance. However, this will not be instantly after the Skyward sale, it will most likely be within a month after the Skyward sale.

Token smart contract address


Token Repo

Additional docs
I am unable to add anymore links as I’m a new user account but feel free to reach out to me via our website contact form, and I can provide a sales deck which outlines more on the platform.


Twitter — https://twitter.com/seatlabnft

Discord — Seatlab

DAO Proposal #174

Passed: 12 Yes / 0 No