[Farm] SeatlabNFT- Near <> SEAT

Project Description

SeatlabNFT is an NFT ticketing marketplace, ending the current status quo, reducing scalping and connecting fans to incredible experiences. NFT ticketing enables us to give people incredible, immersive experiences before, during and after events.

Our NFT ticketing software is built around three pillars:

  • Provide a way for artists and event organisers to retain control of secondary ticket sales and the subsequent revenue
  • Eliminate fraud, touting and scalping
  • Reward and incentivise fans for attending events

When an NFT ticket is minted, artists or promoters can attach certain conditions and royalty splits to the ticket through the use of smart contracts. For example, suppose an NFT ticket was sold on after the original purchase. In that case, a condition could be set at mint to send a percentage of the revenue generated directly back to the artist’s or promoter’s wallet. Setting the split to a high percentage makes it impossible for people to profit when reselling tickets, ending the ability for scalpers to make money from fans.

Organisers can also reward loyal fans by airdropping assets directly to their wallets from the SeatlabNFT platform. Fan rewards can be anything from amazing live shots of the event, custom visual NFTs or rare memorabilia. All of which can be displayed to everyone on social media or in NFT galleries or even resold, generating more revenue.

Project plan / development

Our native $SEAT token will allow holders to:

  • Earn Rewards Centre points for each month someone holds tokens that can be spent on incredible, exclusive rewards and perks.
  • Get access to a discounted buyers fee structure when buying tickets and NFT collectables
  • Stake their $SEAT to earn a cut of all collected platform fees.

Farming goals

This proposal is to jump start initial liquidity for SEAT on Ref Finance with an NEAR<>SEAT pair. We plan to incentivise the Near <> SEAT pool with SEAT tokens and would like to propose additional allocation of REF rewards to boost liquidity of the Near <> SEAT pool in the future.

Length : 31 days

Estimated Starting Date: Last week of Oct’22

Targeted TVL : $2M+

Targeted APR at 2 M USD LP size : 15.15%+


Thanks for the Farm Proposal and detailed overview of Seatlab.

I am very excited to see another high quality project go to market and start expanding.

Happy to welcome SEAT to REF and support the incentivised farm as proposed.

As suggested initially by the Seatlab team, I suggest to create a DAO proposal to allocate 536 REF / week to the existing SEAT <> NEAR farm.

The rewards are similar to the MARMAJ farm, which shares the same TVL and Volume characteristics as the SEAT farm.