REF <> TRI Farm on Tri Solaris

Following the previous post on the topic and a conversation with Tri Solaris, here is a proposal.

  • Ref DAO and Tri to provide each $50k initial liquidity into the REF <> TRI pool on Tri Solaris

  • REF Rewards: approx 5,000 REF / Week ($1,500)

  • TRI Rewards: approx 53,571 TRI / Week ($1,500)

  • Initial length: 2 months

  • Targeted APR: 156%

Ref DAO proposal to include the following action items:

  1. REF OTC deal with Tri Solaris to exchange approx 83,333 REF for approx 892,857 TRI (based on $0.3 per REF and $0.028 per TRI, might be adjusted at the time of execution) - TRI that will be added in the liquidity pool with REF to provide initial liquidity

  2. Send 42,857 REF to Tri operator for farming rewards

  3. Delegate role to refchef to provide initial liquidity on Tri


Great proposal!

Can we please just confirm that the OTC deal means that the initial amounts of REF and TRI are being swapped between both projects, meaning that at the end of the two month period - Trisolaris keeps the 83,333 $REF and and we (ref) keeps the 892,857 $TRI.

Are there any provisions for locking funds on either side? Would be interesting for both projects to have their tokens locked into that LP for a minimum of 6 months (the longer the better).

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