Short Term LP Incentives Ahead of Official Farming Launch

Thank you for your patience and continued support for Ref finance.

Only a few days after the Ref finance exchange contract re-launch, the liquidity locked on Ref Finance has quickly climbed to over 1 million USD.

While the Ref devs are doing the final check to ensure a secure farm launch on Ref Finance, the community DAO proposes to reward the community’s support by doing the following:

In the next seven days, we will be randomly taking a snapshot of a block, which will be used as the basis to allocate 25,000 REF tokens to each individual LP in a selected pool proportional to their LP position in the pool. The reward amount and selected pools are as follows:

Your reward will not have a lock up period. It will be immediately distributed to your wallet once the snapshot is taken.


Thanks to the ref team for coming through!


When we have result sir?

the rewards were deposited to people’s near wallets around September 2nd or 3rd

Not yet .why never show snapshort?

This is the post in the telegram channel where I learned the rewards were distributed: Telegram: Contact @ref_finance

After reading it, I looked in my wallet and the REF was there

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