[Approved & Done] Ref <> OCT token swap

Recently, the Ref.finance DAO has approved and executed the token swap following the proposal, by Louis, founder of Octopus network, on 17th Jan 2022.

As a result, we have seen a $2.7M+ pool of REF<>OCT was created on Ref.finance. This also marks the beginning of an important initiative for Ref.finance, that is to build stronger connection to its ecosystem partners, by creating more market pairs that quotes in REF token.

To further incentivize community endorsement, we have proposed to add a liquidity incentive farm to the current REF <> OCT to encourage participation from the community.

Farm detail:
Start date:
1am UTC, 10th Feb, 2022.

Pool: REF <> OCT, pool ID, 2657

Incentive: 5758 REF / week, from 10th Feb, 2022 - 1st April, 2022, for an initial 49 days, do a review / renew on a 30days farm cycle there and after.

The total REF amount for the initial 49 days farm cycle is 40,306 REF.

Please note any questions if you have, and governance proposal will be put up on SputnikDAO shortly.


DAO Proposal

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