[Proposal] Whitelist $WALC

Gm Ref Finance DAO,

I would like to help the WALC team with their token whitelist proposal.

As an OG Near dev I helped their team develop the proof of concept for their upcoming product Real Time Payments. They applied for a grant at Near Foundation, which is soon to being fulfilled for 50k$.

Payments started to have meetings with banks about adopting our Real Time Payments product, which is a Blockchain FX settlement system in investment banks, which would make us the first Blockchain solution in banks.
We have a VC on the sideline, awaiting letters of intention from two banks which should happen in Feb/March. Once we receive funds from VC well put up a liquidity wall of $25k USDT. Right now liquidity is very low.

Key info:

Contract: walc.near
Website: https://www.walc.io/
Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @walcofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WALCOfficial
Ref Finance Pools:

  • WALC <> USDT: #4460

Thank you,