[Proposal] Whitelist $SHITZU

Gm Ref Finance DAO,

I would like to help the Shitzu community to complete its successful migration to NEAR by writing this whitelisting proposal.

As co-founder of Pikespeak and as described in this tweet, the Shitzu community has been very valuable in providing support, positive energy and constructive feedback to builders since the beginning and most importantly through the bear.

As one of the first meme coin communities on NEAR/Aurora, Shitzu aims at; onboarding and educating new comers to our ecosystem and spotlighting projects shaping our environment.

Key info:

Contract: token.0xshitzu.near
Website: https://shitzuapes.xyz/
Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Shitzu_Community
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShitzuCommunity
Pikespeak Token Details: Pikespeak NEAR analytics
Dexscreener: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4369
Ref Finance Pools:

  • SHITZU <> LONK: #4380
  • SHITZU <> wNEAR: #4369

Thank you,