[Proposal] Update AstroDAO to v3, Delegate Voting Power to Council


  • AstroDAO needs to be upgraded to v3 by 25 May or be locked in v2 forever
  • Proposal to approve upgrade and grant voting power to Council to approve all subsequent proposals to complete upgrade.


  • AstroDAO has become a core part of the REF finance tech stack; current AstroDAO contains all funds and we need DAO approval for all basic functions including transfer of REF rewards, collecting fees from all pools and converting them to REF to be distributed to xREF stakers, and even to pay for Core Team salaries
  • AstroDAO team has made it really simple to migrate to v3 - DAOs are being prompted to upgrade on their main page, a sequence of proposals with pre-configured parameters are automatically prompted. Each proposal needs to be approved by DAO before being able to proceed to the next step (only three steps).

Detailed video of the upgrade process from AstroDAO team: Upgrade Your AstroDAO to V3 Before May 25th! - YouTube

  • REF Astrodao is currently made up of two groups: Community Board (22 Members, 11 votes required to pass a proposal) and Council (4 members, 2 votes required to pass a proposal)

  • Only Council members can initiate a proposal. A proposal that receives 50%+ from any of the two groups will pass. Most proposals are only voted by Community Board.

  • The problem 1: failing to upgrade prior to the 25 May Deadline would make it much, much harder to migrate at a later date and could present additional challenges to the operations of the DAO later on (known unknowns).

  • The problem 2: arranging for enough Community Board members to be available at the same time so that we can pass all the necessary, separate proposals could prove logistically challenging given the current time constraints.

This is a proposal to approve just ONE poll agreeing to upgrade to v3 AND delegating power to the Council to be able to pass the required proposals.


More detailed info about this upgrade can find here. Upgrade to AstroDAO V3 Before May 25TH for Exciting Features! | by AstroDAO | May, 2022 | Medium

DAO Proposal #178

As we might NOT got enough council votes before the deadline (May 25th) due to some council members are not available these days, now we have to kick off the whole upgrade process through community voting. There are 3 steps for it:

  • step 1, a proposal (#179) to fetch V3 contract wasm code from the DAO factory, and store in our DAO contract on-chain storage area;
  • step 2, a proposal (maybe #180) to execute upgrade action, that is, replace current DAO contract code with the new one in the strorage area; After passing this step, our DAO would be running on the V3 code;
  • step 3, a proposal (maybe #181) to free the storage used by wasm code previously fetched.

We need to pass at least step 2 before May 25th. So, let’s do it.

BTW, we have talked with Jodan and Pavel from the AstroDAO team and they told us that as long as we do the upgrade according to he tutorial video, the upgrade would be safe, nothing need to worry about.

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Step 1 DAO Proposal #179: Fetch V3 contract wasm code from the DAO factory, and store in our DAO contract on-chain storage area