Proposal: Discord Migration

Ref Discord Migration Proposal

  1. Have a budget of 400 $REF as rewards in a reward pool

  2. End Date for campaign Dec 9th

  3. Weekly AMAs(3 weeks) with Ref. Use Stage Feature, talk about updates. Members whose questions are answered receive 10 ref. 10 questions, 100 ref per week. Allotted time: 30 min, could go longer at the discretion of 0x$Rust, Didier, Rim. Thursdays 1500 UTC

  4. Discord will be fully branded and set up by Sun UTC 1200 Nov 21. Rin will submit payment for costs, Ref to reimburse at 10% interest to Rin.

  5. Discord Custom URL -

  6. Will make a new Server Banner

  7. Security being increased, requires all admins to have 2FA - Bowen please take care of

  8. We announce on Telegram that we will have community events in Discord channel (ie, giveaways or quizzes at random times that last 24 hours), that will ONLY be announced in the Discord channel (to promote engagement in the Discord channel), Rewards will be used out of the remaining 100 reward pool allotted for this campaign

  9. Medium Article on Discord migration with tweet sent out EOD Monday

  10. Community Manager team to be briefed and set up tentatively Monday Nov 22. Team communication will take place in discord.


Does this mean that Rin is providing the 400 REF upfront? Is there any reason why we can’t approve the funds out of the Treasury directly? I think that expecting council members to put out funds out of their own pocket and then opening up the possibility for earning interest creates unnecessary complications and possible conflicts of interest.


This is for Discord membership, a one-time payment. It requires a credit card and needed to be done prior to the renovation.

The $REF is to be provided by the DAO upon approval