Belated 2022 Q1 Ref Community DAO Payout Proposal

Brief recap

  • the Ref community board of the Ref Finance DAO contributes to the management of the Ref treasury and protocol operations (whitelisting tokens, approving farms, Ref token buybacks, contract updates etc) through weekly discussions and voting via Astro DAO
  • community members also take ownership of various aspects of Ref’s operations as part of the DAO, including but not limited to: community channel moderation, marketing, community events, product testing and feedback, DAO administration, outreach, business development.
  • to compensate the work of community members and associated activities, a monthly budget of 10K REF is allocated to the Ref Community Board DAO (separate to the main DAO; to manage community board treasury)
  • DAO member’s contributions are evaluated on a quarterly basis and compensation is paid out accordingly, based on a two-tier system
  • Tier 1: basic participation in weekly discussions and DAO votes - 200 REF
  • Tier 2: active contribution beyond tier 1/accomplishment of specific tasks - 600 REF

See further information on this set up here: [Budget] Reward Proposal for Community DAO Members and Bounties for July-Sept

Q1 2022 Community Board Payout

See full scheme & voting tally & details on members’ contributions here.

The above content has been collected via self-reporting then evaluated collectively by the DAO to verify the claims and approve each payout tier.

How to claim payout

Please create a proposal on the Ref Finance Community Board DAO for the amount you are entitled to (based on the sheet above)

For text, write something to the effect of “2022 Q1 Community Board Member payout: (input your tier)”
If you have other expenses that are being compensated please add that info also (e.g. 2022 Q1 Community Board Member Payout: Tier 2 + expenses)

Target your wallet address (corresponding to the sheet above)

Link this forum post to the proposal

Wait for the proposal to be approved by the Supreme Community Board

How can I join the DAO? How can I get more involved?
As a rule of thumb, the Ref FInance DAO is always open to active and committed community members and we go through regular reorganizations of the DAO to encourage new members to join and remove inactive ones. The best way is to start contributing to the community via Discord or Telegram, or contribute to the product iteration, feedback, bug report etc, and make yourself known to the team or DAO members. This way, the next time the DAO reorganizes (which is as often as every quarter), you will be considered based on your recognized value and input.


Ref Community Board DAO