New board member nomination - Hero

Hi everyone,

I would like to nominate a new potential member to the DAO - Hero, you might know him as achildhoodhero on socials & group chats across the ecosystem.

Over the past year, Hero has worked on numerous valuable things including but not limited to:

  • Dozens of editorial content at NEARWEEK, covering all ecosystem projects/founders/builders in a fair and unbiased way (For reference: NEARWEEK – Medium)

  • Leading the official NEAR Protocol newsletter at NEARWEEK

  • Initiating the partnership between NEAR & Astar network

  • Hosted NEARWEEK x Proximity monthly DeFi Twitter Spaces

  • Coordinating with talents in the ecosystem to heavily promote the BOS with the BOSWEEK initiative.

  • Continuously supporting Ref with editorial content & featuring in the newsletter. (Ex: REF FINANCE : THE AMM & DEX ON NEAR THAT REDEFINES DEFI | by NEARWEEK | NEAR Protocol | Medium)

Unbiased, but Hero is one of the biggest NEAR believers out here and he is keen to expand his care to the ecosystem by joining the Ref Finance DAO, as he thinks Ref plays a pivotal role in the development of the NEAR ecosystem as a whole.

Hero has an unique view of the ecosystem in many aspects and I believe having him in the DAO would be a valuable addition.

You can find more info about Hero via his Linkedin, X & BOS profiles:

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Hi all,

Thanks @cudam321.near !

Hope the board considers Cudam’s nomination, I’ve worked side-by-side w/ him for over a year now and more than share Cudam’s passion when it comes to the REF platform.

I’ve also launched a substantial list of initiatives promoting core product and ecosystem updates during my time at NEARWEEK, and would love to continue exploring ways to empower REF Finance into the future.

*- H