Gnosis Safe Multisig Activation Proposal

With the recent proposal to conduct a treasury token swap with Arctic Finance on Aurora, Ref continues to expand beyond the NEAR ecosystem. The treasury will soon include non-native assets such as $TRI and $ARC, with potential partnerships with projects in other EVM-compatible chains in the future. This poses a major need for a secure, multi-signature solution.

Gnosis Safe is a self-custodial smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of signers to approve a transaction, and is the market leading solution with over $39.5B in on-chain assets secured across networks including Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Aurora.

Multisig Details

The 4/7 multisig will be managed by the members of the Ref core team including Didier, Marco, Joe, Rim, AVB and myself, who will act accordingly in the interest of the DAO to manage active positions if necessary. Note, at least 4 signatures will be required to approve the transaction between the seven addresses.

The Ref DAO may propose to add or remove signers, and to recall the unlocked, liquid funds in the multisig at any point of time. If approved, the multisig will initially control the $ARC (to be received) from the treasury swap with Arctic, in addition to the $TRI.

Note: I am a core member of the Ref Finance team, and have no positions in the tokens discussed.


Thanks for this proposal,

To clarify, this proposal is to have a Multisig for the assets that are to be managed in Aurora and other EVMs in the future.

  1. Are there any meaningful differences between the Gnosis multig features and benefits and AstroDAO?
  2. How can we reconcile having a DAO run protocol - our entire Treasury is in AstroDAO, the DAO collects fees, etc. - and a separate multisig controlled by smaller subset of DAO. (Delegated voting should be fine)
  3. Is it possible to have the Aurora multi sig wallet only for receiving and sending assets but sending most of the core assets to AstroDAO to be held long term?
  4. Could function calls between Aurora and NEAR enable us to manage our Aurora partnerships directly from AstroDAO?