[Proposal] Stake NEAR held by the DAO Treasury

Following the initial proposal by @AVB, and its support from the community, it’s time to kick ass / get things moving on the topic.

Here is a proposal to get started:


The objective is to take advantage of our 336,265 NEAR (NEAR and wNEAR combined) held by the DAO Treasury to:

  1. Generate staking revenue, thus diversifying our source of revenue
  2. Help securing the network


  • 100,000 NEAR to be staked with Zadovil (zavodil.poolv1.near) validator - Zadovil is a top validator with 15M+ NEAR currenlty staked and only 1% fee

  • 100,000 NEAR to be staked with Metapool (Liquid staking solution)

The DAO has already successfully tested the following actions:


  1. Staking: Done
  2. Unstaking: Ongoing


  1. Staking: Done
  2. Unstaking: Ongoing

Next steps

  1. Finishing the staking cycle by doing unstaking actions via the DAO - Ongoing

  2. Create corresponding proposals for the 200,000 to be deployed

  3. Once 1 and 2 executed, the DAO will still have 136,265 NEAR - Although 70,000 (20% provisions) should be kept as is in the treasury, the community can think about the deployment of remaining 66,265 NEAR (other validator?) in a second phase to not slow down first allocation


Thanks for moving this proposal forward.

I’d like to add that this proposal is coming just in time for Stake Wars, which is placing a huge emphasis on Validators and on keeping the network secure and decentralized.

We’ve been looking at some Stats on the Meta Pool delegation and it is amazing to see how we now play a really important role in delegating to the 40 smaller validators. I believe there is a strong opportunity here for REF to embrace the decentralisation narrative by pledging some of its own treasury to Meta Pool (we would be supporting all these validators through liquid staking). We are already in collaboration with PikeSpeak to have easy access to this data

Didier let me add some correction…

The DAO will also have 91073 stNEAR (valued 100,000 NEAR) to use, either in NEAR Native or Aurora, you can use the stNEAR to generate more yield, or for expenses… anything.