[Whitelisting] $Wojak (WojakOnNear)

Gm Gm Ref Finance Commette and Near Community

Proposal to whitelist $Wojak Coin

Project description: WojakonNear is a memecoin on Near focussed on the recognisable crypto character of “Wojak”, the average guy who is trying to make it and escape the 9-5 by winning with magic internet money.

Token Name: $Wojak
Token Type: memecoin
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Contract Address: wojak.tkn.near
Website/GitBook: : https://wojaknear.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WojakOnNear (863 followers)
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @wojaksonnear (200 members)
Dexscreener Chart: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4875

Main REF Pool: Ref Finance
25% of the supply has been locked in the LP:

We aim to grow our community through positive vibes and memes of our favourite crypto character. We hope to attract new users to Near through collabing with other Wojak projects on other chains. Also we are a developing a Degen Coinflip on Near to boost degeneracy and add utility to Wojak coin

We have already been whitelisted by Meteor Wallet - https://twitter.com/MeteorWallet/status/1775547015956705721


"Wojak is a ‘key central character’ in the crypto charade

Wojak is the guy or gal who clocks in everyday in his dreary dead-end job hoping to make it on a memecoin and achieve financial freedom.

Wojak is everyone and everyone is Wojak.

Wojak is the hope in all of us that WAGMI"

The team will work to make this a top tier memecoin in the Near ecosystem to be ready for the inflows available when BTC hits all time highs over the next 8-12 months. With Wojak there is readily available content to work with to grow interest and onboard people in to the project to form a community.

Wojak hopes to be able to build a closer relationship to their namesake projects on Eth, Sol and other Wojak around the ecosystem projects.

Wojak will look to facilitate creating a “memecoin committee” in Near that will look at solving shared issues between projects

There are many more initiatives to grow the project including meme compo, community chad compo.

We would therefore wish that wojak.tkn.near be whitelisted so that it is easier for new users to find and become part of the community.

If you require any further information please let me know



I am Wojak and Wojak is me. We are all Wojak.


Wojak is me and I am Wojak. I believe Wojak would make an excellent addition to the White List. Their contributions and dedication to the community are evident, and I have full confidence in their ability to positively bring more liquidity to ref App.


Wojak is me and I am Wojak, in Wojak we TRUST.


Gm gm community. Happy Mondays

Just chilling out here…buidling the likes and replies. All good for the algo


Wojak is me and I’m wojak

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