[FARM] LiNEAR<> wNEAR- April

Project Description

$LiNEAR is the staking derivative token minted by LiNEAR Protocol, the liquid staking protocol built on NEAR native. Users stake $NEAR via LiNEAR Protocol, receiving $LiNEAR tokens back whose value appreciates with $NEAR staking rewards accumulated. LiNEAR gives NEAR HODLers the opportunity to enjoy staking rewards and participate in DeFi at the same time.

Project plan/development

LiNEAR will support staking farm soon, and will make itself the most fundamental DeFi lego in NEAR ecosystem, in collaboration with top lending protocols, stablecoins, and more.

Farming goals/narrative

$LiNEAR market cap will rise rapidly, and it’s for mutual benefit of both LiNEAR and Ref to deploy $LiNEAR/$NEAR pool on Ref and kickstart farming.

We propose the following farm:

Pair: $LiNEAR <> $wNEAR

Type: Double rewards $Ref and $NEAR ($NEAR provided by LiNEAR Protocol)

$REF: 10,000/week

$NEAR: 250/week

Length: 31 days

Estimated Starting Date: 13th April

TVL target: 5M+

APY target: 20%