[Farm] Stader Labs - Near <> NearX

Project Description

Stader is a multi-chain liquid staking contract infrastructure platform. Having first launched on Terra 1.0, Stader’s liquid staking solution is now present across Hedera, Polygon, Fantom,& Terra 2.0. Having reached a TVL of $1Bn+ with 35000+ wallets staking with it at its peak, Stader is one of few Terra originated protocols that is truly multi chain with $65M+ TVL even post the Terra 1.0 crash.

Stader’s liquid staking solution, NearX, is now coming to the NEAR Protocol. The NearX token has been audited by Halborn, one of the leading cyber security firms in the Web3 space. A second audit with BlockSec, the leading auditor for NEAR protocol, is currently underway. With NearX, users will get the opportunity to earn supercharged APY through NearX integrations and incentives across major DeFi protocols in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.

Project plan / development

Stader will unlock a lot of opportunities for delegators with NearX:

  • Best in class APY based on data-driven validator selection, monitoring and constant rebalancing of validator pool
  • Yield Farming opportunities through defi integration across all major protocols such as Dexes, Lending/Borrowing protocols, Yield Optimizers on Near & Aurora. Users will get the chance to earn SD, Stader’s native token that is listed on multiple exchanges, by participating across Stader’s partner DeFi protocols
  • Ability to participate in launchpads through NearX
  • Leverage NearX to get access to unique NFTs with powerful use cases.

Farming goals

This proposal is to jump start initial liquidity for NearX on Ref Finance with an NearX<>wNear pair. We plan to incentivise Near <> NearX pool with SD tokens and would like to propose additional allocation of REF rewards to boost liquidity of the Near <> NearX pool. Further details mentioned below:

Pair : Near <> NearX

Type : Dual Rewards

SD : 9545.45/ week

REF : 4128.21 / week

Length : 31 days

Estimated Starting Date: 2nd week of Aug’22

Targeted TVL : $2M+

Targeted APR at 2 M USD LP size : 15.15%+