[SWAP] Autoroute for Developer

Hi admin, and everyone.

We code on ref finance. Since the update on swap function (add auto route). How can apply that function to code ?
pub struct SwapAction {
/// Pool which should be used for swapping.
pub pool_id: u64,
/// Token to swap from.
pub token_in: ValidAccountId,
/// Amount to exchange.
/// If amount_in is None, it will take amount_out from previous step.
/// Will fail if amount_in is None on the first step.
pub amount_in: Option,
/// Token to swap into.
pub token_out: ValidAccountId,
/// Required minimum amount of token_out.
pub min_amount_out: U128,

Is that ref will provide more 1 argument (True/False) for Enable/Disable Auto route function.
Or the auto route only available on webhost, only for user.
Please anyone can help me.

@refchef @Didier on this

The question was asked and answered on the Dev on Ref-Finance Telegram group

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