Introducing Instant Swap

1. Context

If you have used Uniswap, Sushiswap or any other Automated Market Maker, you have probably noticed a main difference with Ref Finance, there is no ‘Deposit’ action in the user experience. You can directly either swap or add liquidity without having to deposit first.

Following feedback from the community and in our effort to improve the user journey, users will now have the possibility to swap direclty from their NEAR wallet.

2. Instant Swap

By default, users will be able to swap directly from their NEAR wallet. For liquidity providers, adding or removing liquidity will still be ‘AS IS’, which means they (LPs) will still need to deposit first.

For that reason, users will still have the option (see below in the Transaction Settings box) to swap from their Ref Account, ‘AS IS’ today.

3. Plan

The team and community are now testing the new feature on Testnet. Depending on the testing phase, we hope to deploy in production in the next few days / early next week.

4. Ask

As the ‘Instant Swap’ will be the default option for users, we welcome any guide, help, proactivity from the community on the topic, to help users to have a frictionless experience in the new model!