Request to create proposal for compensation: UI/UX issue - Lost my kid's college money trying to swap from REF to OCT

This morning I swapped on from REF to OCT. Around 37K REF tokens to OCT in two transactions. ~17K and 20K. When I swapped, I did not notice there is details arrow you need to click to see the price impact details. So I swapped and later found that I received around 6K less OCT tokens based on market price at that time. Around $30K loss due to the swap. A small fee is ok but around 25-30% is huge.

Partly this is a UI/UX issue (see attached) and the site can be improved to avoid this in the future. Just show all details without needing to click a button. This can avoid a ton of issues in the future.

Crypto itself is a roller coaster and on top of this issues like this can be devastating. This money was part of my kids college fund and yes I am all in crypto as most of you are.

Kindly let the DAO work for the sake of crypto decentralization and help me get the refund the differential. $30K in REF token after taking any fees.

Transaction details below.

  1. NEAR Explorer | Transaction

  2. NEAR Explorer | Transaction