2022 Q4 Ref DAO Community Board Payout & Reorg Proposal

2022 Q4 payout for the community board of the Ref DAO is based on: (1) self evaluation, (2) voting history, (3) presence in weekly sync & participation, (4) presence and participation in dao discord


  • Payout: a total of 19,800 REF to 13 distinct community DAO members for 3 months’ worth of contributions.

  • Q4 voting tally, contributions, and full payout scheme here: Ref DAO Community Payout Scheme - Google Sheets

  • Member(s) to remove based on voting tally, participation in weekly syncs, participation in discussion on DAO discord, lack of any other forms of contribution to Ref or the DAO, or expressed will from said member

  1. louisliu.near: not present in weekly syncs nor Discord. Voted only 8 out of 49 proposals in Q4. zanli.near from Octopus remain active and will suffice to represent the Octopus team.

  2. wmheng78.near: can no longer partake due to personal reasons

  3. chluff.near: can no longer partake due to personal reasons

4)hieunmben100.near: asked to be removed as they are no longer active

Proposal to Restructure the Community Board’s Payout Scheme from 2023 Q1 onwards

After weeks of discussion within the community DAO & an internal survey, the DAO has consented to update the current payout structure to one that favors clarity and fairness.

The main change comes from the separation of the original two-tier system to a two-track system: all DAO members that perform basic duties to a sufficient extent will receive 400 REF per month equally; all contributions (both from the DAO or beyond) that exceed basic duties or provide additional value to Ref or the Ref DAO will be compensated on a per case basis, if and only if the amount of compensation & nature of the contribution was agreed to by the DAO prior to its execution.

[Track 1] DAO duties

  • This includes (but is not limited to) voting, reviewing forum posts and proposals, participating in the weekly syncs and discussions, pushing for actions and strategies to benefit Ref as a project & DAO, participating in testing or reporting bugs. Such duties and responsibilities can take up anywhere from 5 hours to 10 hours a week.
  • Additionally, those who work for the Ref core team FULL TIME & also sit on the community DAO are excluded from the payout as their contributions to the DAO naturally extend from their role & are paid separately through it. However, if someone is working part-time with the core team and makes separate contributions to the DAO, this will be eligible for compensation.
  • Compensation: 400 REF/month
    : The amount reflects an increase in the base level of compensation for the DAO from 200 to 400, given the feedback that 200 REF/month is a demoralizing amount. However, it also reflects the Ref DAO’s original spirit to be aligned with Ref in terms of incentives and to embrace the price fluctuations of the token, and is hence not an amount (in USD) which would tempt people to join the DAO for purely financial reasons.

(Track 2) Extra contributions

  • Compensation for specific forms of labor or other material output either commissioned by the DAO or based on prior agreement with the DAO. This is work that exceeds the normal parameters of DAO duties; and/or exceeds the 5-10 hrs/week normal for basic DAO responsibilities; or is performed by those who are not part of the DAO.
  • This includes (but is not limited to) working as a Discord or Telegram mod, creating content (blogposts, twitter threads, tutorials etc), event organization, assistance in product development, and so on.
  • Compensation: to be determined on a per case basis. Ideally in REF, unless agreed to otherwise. The rule of thumb is that all compensation that falls under this category is discussed & agreed upon with the DAO and core team prior to the enactment & subsequent payout.
  • For instance, before, Ref mods on Telegram and Discord were community DAO members that were compensated through Tier 2 (600 REF/month). However, given mod work is crucial to the project & requires far more time & effort than what 600 REF provides, this would be a case in which one’s efforts would be compensated separately and not subsumed under DAO duties.


  • The community board’s cap of 10K REF/month for payout & other expenses remains the same.
  • The Supreme Board, which oversees DAO administration such as evaluations & payout remains intact and will continue to compensate 400 REF/month to its members.

Further changes

  • To reduce the burden of DAO administration & to improve efficiency of quarterly payouts, the evaluation of DAO members’ contributions will be firstly measured through quantifiable means such as the number of participation in the syncs, stats in the DAO discord, voting tally, activity in the governance forum, etc, as opposed to submitting self-evaluations on them every quarter. All other non-quantifiable contributions shall still be recorded in a shared document.
  • For the sake of efficiency, payout for members based on Track 1 will be enacted at once by the community board DAO’s use of Multicall, instead of requesting each member to submit a proposal everytime.
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