[Proposal] Whitelist $BABYBLACKDRAGON

Hi Ref Finance,

Please see below my proposal for Whitelisting $BABYBLACKDRAGON

$BABYBLACKDRAGON is a new memetoken on the Near Blockchain that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Token Type: Memecoin
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Contract Address: babyblackdragon.tkn.near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/babyisnear
Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Telegram: Contact @babyisnear (Telegram: Contact @babyisnear)
Dexscreener Chart:
LP - Added: 13.3k, 6.1k, 2.4k, 1.9k

$BABYBLACKDRAGON can already be purchased through the Dragonbot on Telegram.

Latest Activities:

We are continuing to expand the tokens reach and utility through various partnerships and projects of the NEAR Ecosystem and supporting where possible. The NFT drop is on the horizon, and our NFTs will be directly integrated with our utiliity


Good Afternoon,

Please may I request on the approval of the Whitelist that the token image is also updated to keep uniform with the project.

Meteor Wallet request has also gone over to change within their Wallet.

Dexscreener/Twitter-X has also been updated with the updated images and banner.

Kind Regards,
Core Team Member




I am requesting an update regarding the white listing of Baby Black Dragon.

At the time of writing the token now has a mcap of $251k and LP of $36.1k which is a significant rise since the original request of white listing the token.

Thank you.

Core Team Member

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I’m so glad i found this token this early!

Trustworthy teams that keep supporting their token is hard to find those times!
So i think Ref Finance don’t have to lose anything :muscle: