[Proposal] Whitelist Black Dragon

Hi Ref Finance DAO,

Here is our proposal (again) to whitelist the Black Dragon token. For clarity, we filled in the whitelist form a few days ago but have yet to hear back.

Description: Black Dragon is a second generation meme token that has emerged from the depths of the full Open Web stack.

[BLACKDRAGON-WNEAR pool] (Ref Finance)

Black Dragon was intended for two sole purposes: entertainment and education. It aims to be a playful yet educative presence in the crypto space, aiming to enlighten the masses of what NEAR Protocol and the Open Web Stack has to offer to them. Like the mythical black dragon, known for its wisdom and cunning, this token seeks to enlighten participants about the intricacies of the blockchain world, while offering a fun and immersive experience in the rapidly growing NEAR ecosystem.

Other information about project:

Contract: blackdragon.tkn.near
Website: Black Dragon - Black Dragon
Community Telegram: https://t.me/dragonisnear
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonisnear
Dexscreener: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4276

Thank you,
White Dragon


Hello White Dragon,

Thanks for filling out the form a few days ago (sorry about the late reply, team is taking some time off), and thanks for also sharing application here for the wider community to chime in.

I support this proposal as I have seen the value and impact of the team’s work so far. Now I believe the onus is on us (REF) to deliver the smoothest experience possible, and I know that having to add a contact manually is not that.

My only question: does the team have any plans to add any extra liquidity?



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Thank you for your kind words @AVB, never met a brown dragon before :handshake:

Discussions to increase liquidity are under way, but this will have to come from third parties as token is completely decentralised (with almost 9,000 owners) and contract is non-upgradable with a fixed supply.

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Think it would also be a great idea to have a Black Dragon farm, maybe Black Dragon can provide rewards as well as Ref? @whitedragon