[Proposal] Stake NEAR in the DAO Treasury with the NEARWEEK validator


NEARWEEK started off in 2021 as a weekly newsletter delivering crowdsourced news from the NEARverse with the goal of facilitating the adoption of Web3 solutions while proposing an innovative way of running a decentralized media outlet.

Plays a leading role in supporting projects within the NEAR ecosystem, NEARWEEK’s helping them make their products visible and accessible to the wider public. At the same time, NEARWEEK also creates accessible and informative content for users who are interested in entering the crypto space thus creating a bridge between builders and users.

Heading towards a self-sustainable operating model, NEARWEEK recently launched the NEARWEEK.POOL.NEAR, a v2 validator node for public good funding. All the rewards from the validator are funneled towards the maintenance and development of NEARWEEK’s newsletter, content production, and the achievement of sustainable & compliant bounties!


  • Further securing the network by staking with smaller validator (the validator currently sitting at ~380K NEAR)
  • Generate revenue in a safe way (compare to DeFi applications with smart contract risks)
  • From partner’s perspective, NEARWEEK and Ref Finance have been ecosystem partners for an extended period; they have been helping Ref on socials & marketing willingly since its inception. This will be a nice way to support their initiative as well as the whole ecosystem.
  • Ref loose nothing from this as the amount can be unstaked at any time when there’s a proposal from the community.


There might be a risk concern about the NEARWEEK validator uptime & online/offline rate. The validator is managed and operated by Kuutamo - a high-performing validator node management service - and under observation of Denys, NEARWEEK CTO, also a member of Stardust Staking.

Under the control of the best in the industry, the NEARWEEK validator is not likely to go offline under any circumstances and is performing just as well as the top validators.


The tokens amount can be discussed and reviewed at anytime and by anyone from the community. My initial proposal will be as below:

  • Option 1: Unstake all the NEAR tokens we are staking from zavodil.poolv1.near and re-stake them with the NEARWEEK validator (how ever the Zavodil node has 1% fees and NEARWEEK has 5% fees)
  • Option 2: Stake the remaining 65,668 NEAR in the treasury (20% of 70,000 NEAR are for provisions)

Would love to hear some feedback from the community!