[management] staking dao assets

As you may have noticed, we have some near coin & wnear token in DAO account. It’s time to stake some of them on validators to participate in near protocol and earn some profits.

Although the specific numbers are still in discussion in the community, we need take some tests in advance to make sure we can implement all staking related operations throught the DAO proposals.

It would includes:

  • unwrap wnear to near;
  • stake to independant NEAR validators;
  • stake to stnear/linear style liquidity pool;

The tests would be:

  • a 100 wnear unwrap proposal;
  • a 100 near staking proposal to 1 or 2 validators;
  • a 100 near staking proposal to meta-pool;
  • a 100 near staking proposal to linear pool;
  • and corresponding unstake actions after 1 or 2 epochs;

This makes perfect sense to leverage idle assets and support the network.