[DAO Treasury] - To support Ukraine

Dear community,

In the past days, we are deeply sadden to see that Russia has taken steps to use its military force to address their dispute with Ukraine.

War is the coldest and the last resolution that we want to see. It is only a result of political interest, and we believe no civilian nor soldiers who desire peace should be involved nor be harmed. Unfortunately, we see houses were destroyed, people were killed, and lives of many civilians in Ukraine were effected, and some are also members of our Ref.finance community.

Hereby, I propose that Ref.finance DAO to allocate 15,000N, ~$140,000 from the Ref.finance DAO treasury to unchain.fund, in echo of the initiative lead by Illia, Alex, Sasha and other in the NEAR ecosystem, to support humanitarian efforts such as evacuation, shelter, food and more in Ukraine.

Be safe & Slava Ukraini



DAO Proposal to donate 15,000 NEAR to unchain.fund to help with the movement to support people in Ukraine

Thanks so much for the proposal Ref Chef!

We are going through some truly challenging times as the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, it is admirable how many protocol leaders have rallied to raise funds and deliver help on the ground.

For the sake of public record, here are some of the things discussed during our last weekly call:

  • This is an issue that strikes particularly close to home as most of the NEAR Core founding team are directly affected. We would not be here without their hard work and now it is a good time to show solidarity and support them in any way we can;
  • The Unchain.Fund is a solid initiative, DAO controlled by Ilia and Alex themselves;
  • Overall, the idea of supporting the Unchain Fund is well received. However;
  • It was noted that we have some very strong communities in Russia and China, and we have to be thoughtful of how any decision may affect these relationships
  • The currency (NEAR) and the amount (5% of our treasury) were seriously questioned. It is unclear so several Community Board members wether we have the power to disburse those sums of money in those ways. We have are stewards of the money on behalf of our users (REF holders) and we are limited until we have a more direct form of participation in decision making.
  • It was also noted that a similar proposal by AAVE failed; reading through the entries on their governance forum discussion has been very informative and captures market sentiment well.

Noting that the current proposal on Astro is close to expiring, and hasn’t passed yet (despite several other proposals passing since then), I propose we reopen the conversation and discuss new ways of structuring a new proposal that can be passed. I propose:

  • Payout in REF instead of NEAR.
  • Much lower $ value, mid 5 digits.

All views and proposals are welcome.